Platform Specialist, AI/ML


San Mateo, CA


Position summary

e voice of the customer is a key ingredient as we develop the next wave of Snowflake features.


  • We deliver executive level sales demonstrations to both business and technical leaders on Snowflake's product vision and strategy, and help highlight the differential benefit of running AI/ML workloads on the Snowflake AI Data Cloud.

  • We support spreading AI/ML awareness and pipeline building via both presentations and publications at all the various Snowflake, partner, or industry events such as conferences/webinars, blogs, panels, private workshops, etc.

  • We work continuously with product marketing to develop and refine AI/ML sales messaging for broader reuse amongst sales teams globally, with the inclusion of other Snowflake competitive intelligence teams


  • We hunt down and drive initial customer adoption on the latest AI/ML product releases with initial interested customers and act as the voice of the customer influencing future product developments and product roadmap.

  • We engage in and critique AI/ML product proposals and reviews brought forth by product and engineering teams

  • We engage with Alliances to conduct partner technology discovery for the use in Snowflake AI/ML solution stacks, with the inclusion of Snowflake industry teams


  • We drive innovation in the design and deployment of the Snowflake Cloud Data platform as a critical component for the many layers of concepts (MLOps, Feature Stores, GenAI/LLMs) and subcategories of use cases (timeseries, unstructured data) in AI/ML
  • We explore and develop technical prototypes and publish product ideas based on emerging industry trends and technology patterns for evaluation


  • 5+ years of experience within a pre-sales environment or customer facing role

  • Broad range of experience within Data Science / Machine Learning teams working with ML platforms and cloud technologies

  • Outstanding presenting skills to both technical and executive audiences, whether impromptu on a whiteboard or using presentations and demos.

  • Hands-on expertise with Python and SQL

  • Ability to connect a customer's specific business problems and Snowflake's solutions

  • University degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics or related fields, or equivalent experience preferred

Every Snowflake employee is expected to follow the company's confidentiality and security standards for handling sensitive data. Snowflake employees must abide by the company's data security plan as an essential part of their duties. It is every employee's duty to keep customer information secure and confidential.