Software Engineer, Onboard Experience

  • Experience 5-10 Years
  • Category Engineering
  • Location San Francisco, CA

Job Description

The Onboard Experience team is focused on building a seamless onboarding experience for our sellers while also providing the tools to our product teams to customize their own onboarding flows. From product discovery to helping sellers make the most of their square accounts, our team creates the tools to make intelligent decisions about our sellers that help guide their first run experience. We primarily use Java, Ruby on Rails, Ember with Ember-cli, ES6 Javascript and sass, MySQL.


  • Work with product teams to develop new features and services.
  • Develop scalable product architecture.
  • Build systems and services that have immediate impact on our partners and customers.


  • (6+ years) full stack engineer experience or equivalent

  • Past experience mentoring or leading

  • Expertise with product oriented server work

  • Has worked on large projects, preferably customer facing projects, experience a/b testing, metrics, working with legacy code, shipping production applications.

  • Previous work experience at at least one mid/large companies

  • Detail oriented, thorough testing practices

  • Has experience with some of these technologies or similar: Java, Ruby on Rails, Ember with Ember-cli, ES6 Javascript and sass

  • A strong sense of customer empathy and desire to influence the product direction

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