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We crowdsource United Technologies's maternity, paternity and parental leave policies, based on United Technologies's employee reviews and anonymous tips from United Technologies employees.

United Technologies Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies

United Technologies offers 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, 16 weeks of unpaid maternity leave and 4 weeks of paid paternity leave. This information is based on anonymous tips submitted by employees.

Benefits Lower Median/
Upper Corrections,
Tips & Comments
Minimum Paid Maternity Leave (weeks) 6
50% Consensus
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Minimum Unpaid Maternity Leave (weeks)
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Minimum Paid Paternity Leave (weeks)
100% Consensus
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Minimum Unpaid Paternity Leave (weeks)
Unknown - please leave a tip
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Conglomerate Maternity and Paternity Leave

How many weeks of paid maternity, unpaid maternity, paid paternity and unpaid paternity leave do employers in the Conglomerate industry offer?

Benefits Median Average
Minimum Paid Maternity Leave (weeks) 7 8
Minimum Unpaid Maternity Leave (weeks) 6 6
Minimum Paid Paternity Leave (weeks) 4 3
Minimum Unpaid Paternity Leave (weeks) 4 4
Maternity Leaves Taken at United Technologies
    • Lady anon601
    • 6 weeks paid
    • 6 weeks unpaid
    • 0 weeks paid
    • 0 weeks unpaid
    • 2020
    • 16 weeks paid
    • 4 weeks unpaid
    • Here_six_years
    • 12 weeks paid
    • weeks unpaid
    • pal0412
    • 12 weeks paid
    • weeks unpaid
    • mimo0725
    • 8 weeks paid
    • 8 weeks unpaid
    • Trying to move up
    • 10 weeks paid
    • 6 weeks unpaid
    • Glamper52
    • 12 weeks paid
    • weeks unpaid
    • anon5150
    • 12 weeks paid
    • weeks unpaid
    • PurpleFrog
    • 6 weeks paid
    • weeks unpaid
    • Nova72
    • 12 weeks paid
    • weeks unpaid
    • PW_ProgramManager
    • 14 weeks paid
    • weeks unpaid
    • anony23105
    • 8 weeks paid
    • 8 weeks unpaid
    • BsnsLady
    • 12 weeks paid
    • weeks unpaid

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United Technologies Maternity Leave Comments
  • "Maternity policy just updated to 12 weeks total which was a great improvement from previous policy!" - Anonymous - 12616
  • "12 weeks paid maternity. No vacation or sick time used. Great benefit!" - pal0412
  • "The company's policy on parental leave has improved since I had my last child and includes fathers!" - mimo0725
  • "For a large corporate company, they are relatively progressive with their benefits (maternity leave, paternity leave, flex-time, scholar program), but there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to promote a culture of work-life balance." - EmpowerOthers
  • "Policies have changed recently for the better since my experience. Amount of paid leave may depend on sick time which is based on years of service." - Trying to move up
  • "I found the company to be very supportive of my maternity leave. " - Glamper52
  • "UTC promotes women in a variety of ways, including its women-led Employee Resource Groups. The Women ERGs facilitate events to develop women's professional skills, cultivate learning, and become active in the local communities via outreach programs. We also provide excellent benefits for maternity and parental leave." - anon5188

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