mail processing clerk, post master relief, and ssda Job Reviews

Women who are mail processing clerk, post master relief, and ssdas have an overall job satisfaction level of 3, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $25k-$50k.

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Lady BL

United States Postal Service

Mail Processing Clerk, Post Master Relief, and SSDA

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January 1970

If you are not a career employee you will not receive many benefits. PSE (basically a worker that is used based on business needs only) is what the post office hires for these days. To become career it takes a while.

Job Satisfaction Level

  • Recent Salary (USD)


  • Recent Bonus (USD)


  • Typical Hours (per day)

    9 hours

  • Took Maternity Leave Here? (Weeks)

    None taken

  • Are Women and Men Treated Equally?


  • Recommend to Women?

    Maybe. If you are pregnant, or on medical restriction you will not get special treatment.

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