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Women who are Community Development Coordinators have an overall job satisfaction level of 1, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $25k-$50k.

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Hocking Athens Perry Community Action

Community Development Coordinator, Administrative

January 1970

Bullying and harassment in abundance! Community Development Coordinator (Former Employee), Glouster, Ohio – March 11, 2018 I worked at hapcap for 2 years. At the onset of my employment I thought I had hit the jackpot of all bosses! He was attentive and engaged. That lasted about 4 months when his advances were not returned and I was dropped like a bad habit and left to train myself. I did both his job and mine for 6 months and was promoted to the next level. Within 6 months of my promotion my manager retaliated against my refusal to reschedule a meeting with a poor performance review that completely ignored my work and solely focused on his disappoinmment with the meeting. I then complained to the agency director with a 90 page complaint detailing his bullying and harassment and my boss calmed down ... For a few months... Until another event triggered him in Dec 2017 and this was the announcement of the new executive director, who just weeks after being announced mysteriously resigned. I could go on and on about the injustices employees are forced to endure at this agency but I'm sure you get the point. Besides having to work with man babies and just downright miserable people, the pay is dismal ( for most) while a couple people receive close to if not more than $100,000/year. This was my first non-profit experience and I believe there's more corruption in this agency than anything. I voluntarily resigned bc I couldn't take the harassment and bullying anylonger. My boss responded to my notice of resignation with "congratulations!". He hated his job and was very verbally abusive to staff and made no secret of his disgruntled opinion of other directors, their salaries and anything else so long as someone was listening. Towards the end of my employment my boss began monitoring my office affiliations and concocted a paranoid idea that me and others were conspiring against him. I again complained about my bosses lack of involvement and his monitoring my office affiliations and was dismissed as having a "personality conflict." Well that was just a bunch of BS b/c the executive director is retiring this June and did not want to deal with his director, which btw has worked at hapcap for almost 13 years and has been able to get away with this behavior for the duration. I had been awarded 1.7million in grants and brought $128k in admin fees into the agency whereas my boss did not get a 1.25 million dollar grant funded which jeopardized his employees employment. My boss was very lazy and did as little as possible. Just an awful, awful experience. Further, unless ur hired in at the very bottom, there are very few opportunities for advancement. If you have any ambition whatsoever and want to work in a supportive and encouraging environment, look elsewhere. No sooner than they hire you they will be looking for reasons to get rid of you. The agency has a lot of internal conflict and most people do not get along. Directors use their perceived "power" to intimidate, bully and harass the people that work for them on the front lines. I have a BS from The Ohio State University and 2 semesters in on my masters of public administration at OHIO Univeristy. I wouldn't recommend working here unless on a temporary assignment or you are desperate!

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