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Women who are Operation Servicess have an overall job satisfaction level of 4, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $25k-$50k.

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Operation Services, Operations

January 1970

Overall, great place to work, lots of female workers to begin with. The company has recently stated that there will be equal pay and treatment for female employees as well as LGBTQ employees and discrimination of any kind will be handled accordingly and swiftly.

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    Flexibility works with coming in depending on schedules (picking up/dropping off kids, working with doctor appointments or other appointments), but when it comes to being able to work remotely, when you have the capability to do so, this is where the company lags. You are made to feel you shouldn't be allowed to work remotely if you have a sick kid, you MUST take sick time, or if you have contractors/maintenance coming to your house and you don't have to be involved other than being there, you aren't allowed to work from home that day. You MUST take a PTO day. When you aren't interacting with clients or people in person 90% of the time, the idea that you aren't allowed to work remotely from time to time, though your boss is/does, makes for poor morale or feelings of anger toward management who utilize a double standard simply because they are management.
  • Took Maternity Leave Here? (Weeks)

    12 paid / 1 unpaid

    100% paid for 12 weeks by having a C-Section, natural birth gets 100% paid leave for 10 weeks. Well above what most companies in the United States offers. I think this is fantastic, however, I see room for improvement as moms (who are choosing to breastfeed) are suggested to BF for a minimum of 6 months and that time frame would be most beneficial for time to spend/bond/and nurture ones child before returning to work. It is also shown in studies that a womans body takes a minimum of 6 months to heal, but upward of 18 months. To give mothers the option to take longer paid maternity leave to promote healing, both physically and mentally - PPD is more common now that women feel more comfortable talking about it - and ready to tackle work when they return.
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    Hours, Culture

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    Improve work-life balance, improve compensation, and improve maternity benefits (maternity benefits are pretty luxe right now comparatively in the United States (10 weeks for natural birth or 12 weeks for a c-section, all 100% paid), however, this could be better as mothers who choose to breastfeed are more or less attached to their child for a minimum of 6 months.

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