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Women in Finance
These 7 Finance Companies are the Best in the Industry for Women
Leah Thomas

More now than ever, women are working in previously male-dominated fields. And the finance industry is no exception. While working in a traditionally male sphere can be intimidating, companies are making sure to be supportive of female employees by providing the resources they need to excel – whether they're a working mom, a woman facing gender-based biases, or a woman looking for a mentor in a seemingly male-only role. 

Companies are now offering flexible hours, in-house childcare, remote work options, and mentorship programs for women looking to work their way up the corporate ladder. But obviously, some are doing a better job than others. We’ve outlined some of the best finance companies for women and explained why our the reviewers on Fairygodboss love working there.

1. Bank of America

Bank of America emphasizes schedule flexibility, and offers both remote and part-time work. The company also gives its employees up to 16 weeks of paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave.

Browse Opportunities at Bank of America.

2. Fisher Investments

Women love working at Fisher Investments because of their mission-based approach to their work and their dedication to their employees. Fisher offers amazing benefits – from a generous PTO policy, 50% 401(k) matching, and competitive (and equal!) pay to perks like food trucks and dry cleaning services. Thankfully, Fisher is hiring around the U.S.

Browse Opportunities at Fisher Investments.

3. OnDeck

NYC-based company OnDeck is loved by Fairygodboss users, with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. One reviewer hailed the company’s “great maternity leave policy, unlimited PTO, and flexible hours that allow you to manage your family and work obligations." 

"There is also a lot of opportunity for growth," she said. "Interesting projects, very supportive leadership, and an all-around great culture.”

Browse Opportunities at OnDeck.

4. PNC

 PNC has launched several programs and conferences to promote their female employees’ career development, including their Women in Business Summit, Women in Business Week, and Women Connect Employee Business Resource Group. They also believe everyone needs to get aboard the equality train: They launched a Men as Allies program to help their male employees with self-awareness, gender acumen, and allyship.

Browse Opportunities at PNC.

5. Capital One

Fairygodboss women love Capital One so much, they’ve awarded it the Best Financial Company of 2018 and the Best Overall Company of 2018. The finance company was also listed on Working Mother’s 2017 100 Best Companies, proving women across the internet (and the world) feel supported by their company culture, benefits, and inclusion programs. 

Browse Opportunities at Capital One.

6. Wells Fargo

One of the things women on Fairygodboss most consistently praise Wells Fargo for? The "amount of opportunity" here. Not only that, but employees also note that there are a "number of teams dedicated to advancing gender and diversity inclusion" — and it's clearly paying off. In 2016, the company rolled out a generous paid parental leave package of 16 paid weeks for caregivers, regardless of gender, and thousands of team members have already utilized it.

Browse Opportunities at Wells Fargo.

7. Goldman Sachs

Beyond the prestigious name, women love working at Goldman Sachs because it is truly dedicated to gender diversity and providing benefits women need. The company offers 16 paid weeks of parental leave, flexible work schedules, a fertility support program that covers up to $45,000 of medical and prescription drug costs, a back up childcare program and on-site gynecology in larger offices. 

Browse Opportunities at Goldman Sachs


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