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24 Reasons These Tech Companies Are the Better Choices for Women
Leah Thomas image
Leah Thomas,

The technology industry is seeing more and more female talent every day. And while some companies have adjusted their previously male-dominated work environments, others have not. 

We at Fairygodboss are here to help you seek out the companies and the environments that allow women to thrive in their careers, and avoid those boys’ clubs. 

1. Apple

Apple not only offers its employees extended maternity leave and death benefits, the tech company offers $20,000 lifetime IVF treatment, covering any add-on treatment and never excluding any clinic.

Apple is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

2. AppNexus

It’s easy to see why AppNexus is number eight in our list of Top Rated Companies for Women -- the global internet company offers its employees a flexible work-from-home policy, as well as an unlimited number of sick days.

AppNexus is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

3. Honeywell

At Honeywell, a Fortune 100 connected technologies company, FGB'ers say they love that their days feature "brilliant coworkers and interesting work." Between flexible hours coupled with "lots of opportunities to advance," employees are calling Honeywell a "great place for women to work, and (it) continues to get better."

Honeywell is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

4. Asana

Asana has a 5.0 rating from FGB users, one reviewer raved about her company, saying, “I think we are committed to diversity & inclusion at a core level, and taking permanent measures as early as we can to grow with the right pillars in place around being a workplace that values and elevates everyone here.”

Asana is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

5. Cisco

FGB’ers commend Cisco for its diversity. The company has one of the most diverse executive leadership teams, and nearly half of its leadership members are women. Their motto describes the company perfectly: “Colorful hair? Don’t care. Tattoos? Show off your ink. Like polka dots? That’s cool. Pop culture geek? Many of us are. Be you, with us!”

Cisco is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

6. Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. has its sights set on reinventing the way we see (and use) cameras, and women who work there seriously love being a part of that mission. When asked whether they would recommend Snap to other women, one FGB'er who recently returned from maternity leave gave a resounding, all-caps "YES." Her reasoning? "My managers and HR have been incredibly supportive and helpful with everything, which has made my time as a new mom so special. I am incredibly grateful to work at a company that values family so much."

Snap Inc. is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

7. CDW

It’s easy to see why women love working at CDW — as part of their continued commitment to diversity and inclusion, the tech company launched the 'Together - The Power of Women in IT’ campaign to celebrate their women in IT and empower other females to pursue technology.

CDW is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

8. Cognizant

Almost 12,000 women work at tech company Cognizant, where they offer a highly revered Women Empowered program. One FGB’er raved about her employer, writing, “Great place to work - flexible working hours. A lot of focus on women's initiatives.”

Cognizant is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

9. Seagate

Women find it easy to work at Seagate, due to the company’s flexible hours, open work-from-home policy, Women’s Leadership Network, and its Seagate PRIDE! Group, which, according to the company, “provides a connection and engagement opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees and their allied supporters.”

Seagate is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

10. GameChanger

Women love working at GameChanger for its monthly lady lunches, career growth conferences, as well as maternity AND paternity leave! The gaming company also gives its female employes a $500 stipend upon their return to work post-maternity leave, to help purchase a breast-pump for work. And the company provides specific private rooms (not just a bathroom) for women to pump their breast milk during the workday.

Game Changer is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

11. HP Inc.

HP Inc. was featured on our list of the Best Companies for Women in 2016. One female FGB’er commended HP’s gender equality, saying, “HP is the the most women-friendly company in the industry. We have many women in executive roles at HP. This company walks the talk!”

HP Inc. is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

12. Sony

Women say Sony has a “very diverse, very fun culture” where “women are well-respected.” They say there’s “equal pay, development opportunities, and openness to flexible working arrangements” for employees to “spend more time with their families." And maybe the best part? They say “the corporate glass ceiling is not a factor” here. Sounds like a supportive employer to me.

Sony is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

13. IBM

IBM has a long history of supporting women. It was the first company to elect a female vice president, Ruth Leach, in 1934! The company has since been recognized by Working Mother Magazine as one of the top companies for working mothers for 32 years, as well as one of the top companies for women of color since 2003.

IBM is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

14. Jaunt

More and more women are being drawn to tech company Jaunt, due to its paid maternity and paternity leave, its fertility benefits, and its childcare subsidies, which are up to $5,000 a year!

Jaunt is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

15. Magic Leap

One-hundred percent of FGB reviewers believe that Magic Leap’s CEO supports gender diversity. One reviewer even claimed that “people love to work here,” as well as adding, “The people are great to work with and you will learn something new every day.”

Magic Leap is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

16. Salesforce

Employees at Salesforce rave about their job and their employer. One FGB’er commended her company’s benefits, saying, “The benefits at Salesforce are absolutely excellent. As a company, they are also very transparent and do their best to make sure everyone has the things they need to make them better at their job.” 

Salesforce is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

17. Dell

Women with families, or women with busy lives in general, enjoy Dell’s flexible working policies. They offer flexible hours, part-time work, remote work, and more, and the tech company has pledged to make 50 percent of its workforce remote by 2020!

Dell is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

18. Qualtrics

Qualtrics, an experience management software company, is highly rated by women who work there. Why? The company offers paid paternal leave, paid adoptive leave, fertility benefits, commuter stipends, generous PTO, and comprehensive insurance and retirement plans. Plus, the company offers its employees plenty of fun perks, including catered lunches, dog-friendly office spaces, and more.

Qualtrics is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

19. Squarespace

Squarespace works to make its company more than inviting for its female employees. Their “Women @ Squarespace” group focuses on helping women advance their careers within the company. And they sponsor events like Grace Hopper, Lesbians Who Tech, Girls Who Code, and Built by Girls. The company also has a Slack channel just for parents within the company to network and talk about work/life balance at Squarespace.

Squarespace is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

20. Columbia University Information Technology

Working at Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT), you support mission critical technology for over 40,000 faculty, staff, and students. But you also have the support of a team that values you and your work. CUIT offers flexible work arrangements, tuition benefits for you and your dependents, generous PTO, and useful retirement plans with employer contributions.

Columbia University Information Technology is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

21. Agilent

Women at Agilent call it a "fantastic place to work" thanks to its culture of "trust, respect, and integrity." Another perk? Knowing that you're making a positive impact by providing laboratory solutions that make advances in environmental and human health possible. As one FGB'er put it, "This is a company that makes you feel part of a greater goal."

Agilent is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

22. Macy's, Inc. 

You might associate Macy's, Inc. more with shopping and the annual Thanksgiving parade and less with technology. But the reality is, a lot of ever-evolving tech goes into keeping Macy's on the frontlines of retail — and women who work here love supporting them in that mission. One FGB'er said that "the .com division is flexible and supportive of working moms/dads," and another noted that the culture is "equal and fair to both men and women."

Macy's, Inc is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

23. HashiCorp

HashiCorp has a mission: “harnessing the power of not one or some of us, but the strength of all of us.” They know this happens by making each and every employee feel valued, and women at the company are reaping the benefits. 

"HashiCorp puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to building an inclusive organization,” one anonymous reviewer wrote. "You see this in daily interactions and in tenured or new employees.” 

With 75 percent of HashiCorp employees working remote, inclusive networking opportunities, and paid parental leave, its easy to understand why women are so impressed with the company’s environment.

HashiCorp is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

24. Tenable

Tenable is the world’s first Cyber Exposure company, giving their customers critical visibility of cyber risk. But on top of doing groundbreaking and impactful work, women love working at Tenable because of it’s amazing benefits. The company offers flex work options, 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, fertility benefits, and backup child care and elder care benefits. Plus, employees enjoy 401(k) matching plans, competitive health benefits, and generous PTO.

Tenable is Hiring! Browse Opportunities.

25. Genesys

At Genesys, technology is seen as a tool to enhance the humanity of businesses' customer service and call center needs — not a means of replacing it. Women who work at Genesys — headquartered in California, but with offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia — experience a similar fusion of sensibilities in their day-to-day work. It's a fusion that proves you can sit on the frontlines of tech without sacrificing a family-focused culture.

Browse Opportunities at Genesys.

26. Qualcomm Incorporated

Qualcomm is growing — and so is its technology. From artificial intelligence to extended reality applications, women at Qualcomm get to have a direct hand in pioneering some of tech's most exciting possibilities. What else do they love about working here? The supportive, family-friendly work culture doesn't hurt. In their employee reviews on FGB, women here say things like: "It feels like your coworkers here are your friends and family, and that they really care;" "We have nursing rooms and expectant mother parking spots;" "I found a team where I mean something."

Browse Opportunities at Qualcomm.


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