17 Companies Hiring Like Crazy This Month
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Did you resolve to find a new job this year? 

Turns out, there's no better time to dig deeper in your job search — because these 17 amazing companies are hiring like mad right now:

Personal finance company Wealthfront is growing rapidly — hello, $75 million in funding! — with California-based openings ranging from research to engineering roles. Women who work there say it's a "very accomodating" employer if you have (or want) a family, with flexible hours, generous paid parental leave, and a Grade A pumping room.

Apple is among the top-rated companies on Fairygodboss and is hiring in numerous areas, including engineering, talent acquisition, digital technology, strategy, and customer service.

As an AppNexus team member, you'll be part of the world's largest independent internet technology company with a goal of creating a "better internet." They have a lot of openings in New York right now — which is a fitting locale for such dynamic work!

American Water,  which provides drinking water to businesses and households in 46 U.S. states and Ontario, Canada, as well as a dozen military bases, is hiring in various locations...and employees say it's "a great company to work for [with] many opportunities for career growth and great examples of women in leadership."

CDW, a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare organizations in the US, Canada, and the UK, is fiercely passionate about inclusion. The comapny emphasizes collaboration and always ensures its employees are well-supported with training and resource groups.

Women love working at Fisher Investments because of their mission-based approach to their work and their dedication to their employees. Fisher offers amazing benefits – from a generous PTO policy, 50% 401(k) matching, and competitive (and equal!) pay to perks like food trucks and dry cleaning services. Thankfully, Fisher is hiring around the U.S.

Women call Edward Jones a “supportive environment” with a “family friendly attitude.” They love the financial services firm’s women’s networking lunches, free financial advisors, women’s support network (Women Helping Other Women or WHOW), and generous paid parental leave policy. And luckily, the company is hiring like wild across the United States. 

PwCamong the top companies rated by Fairygodboss users, is looking for women to fill positions in tax, IT, technology consulting, management consulting, M&A, and more.

IBM is looking to fill roles in marketing communications, development, manufacturing, finance, sales, legal, IT, research, product managing, and consulting — so chances are they’ll have a job that appeals to you. Added bonus: women who work there say it’s a “great place to work” with “many opportunities for mentoring.”

Top global news provider Bloomberg is looking to bring on data analysts, software engineers, brand and communication strategists, and more. Even better? A ton of their openings are in the New York City headquarters — and if you know anything about what this office space looks like, you'll get why that's exciting.

The leading hoteliers at Hilton practice positivty and a focus on family behind the scenes, too. They're hiring for a variety of roles — everything from customer service and event management to human resources and sales — in most states.

Dell holds the #5 spot on Fairygodboss’ list of top-rated companies and is hiring all over the country. They have tons of openings in their sales and engineering departments, among others.

According to women who work there, wealth management firm Mercer Advisors involves the best of both worlds. When it comes time to be off the clock, FGB'ers say this is an employer that's "supportive of your life outside of work." And when you're on the clock, you're given the opportunity to "have a deep impact on meaningful work." They're hiring a bunch right now, too, for roles ranging from financial advisors to client services across the country!

Iconic purveyor of fashion and parades Macy's is hiring in a slew of divisions — from graphic design to HR to data scientists. Women who work here say it's "supportive of working moms/dads, and offers great work life balance."

Women who work at Nationwide say that it's "a great place to work for opportunities and flexibility. I have chosen to stay here for 21 years and have progressed from middle management to senior management. Our culture has continued to improve with many new flexible workplace programs being instituted. We have been recognized on Fortune's Great Place to Work For list for 3 years in a row - and I agree!"

The folks at Seagate Technology are passionate about delivering superior data storage technologies — and they're looking to bring on no shortage of new talent to help with that mission. Their engineering job openings are particularly plentiful, but the tech company is also hiring for positions ranging from business analysts to sales reps.  

E & J Gallo Winery the world's largest family owned winery — is hiring everything from tasting room associates and merchandisers to finance analysts and IT managers, in a variety of sunny locales. Talk about a dream job! 

If you value peace of mind — and helping others to achieve it — Sterling Talent Solutions may be the right fit for you. Known as the world's largest background screening provider, they're looking to fill positions ranging from engineers to analysts — and advancement potential is high. Sterling has a seriously strong female leadership presence, all the way up to its CEO.

ADP has job openings all over the U.S., and employees have some wonderful things to say about working there: "Women are truly valued. This is the first company that I have worked for where I feel that I have an equal shot at growth in comparison with male counterparts." As another puts it, "ADP is very family friendly, and offers a lot of professional development opportunities as well as the chance to move around within the organization."

FTI Consulting, a global advisory firm that generated nearly $2 billion in revenue in 2016, is hiring a ton right now. Employees are loving it, not only because it's a dynamic and challenging place to work, but also because there's room to expand outside of the office, too — one woman said the "flex is great and (I'm) easily able to balance family with work."

According to women who work at Southern California Edison, the supportive leadership is worth writing home about. As one FGB'er put it, "I've had great coaches, mentors and sponsors to guide me and help me with my development... I've also had leaders who were very supportive during times of personal crisis." Plus, they're hiring for a range of positions across sunny SoCal!

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. has thousands of job openings across the country, so you can join one of the largest companies in finance. The company offers financial services to a variety of clients – from small businesses to government entities – while ensuring “good work-life balance” and room for professional growth. What else could you want?

HP, whose goal is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere, is hiring across the country — and women who work there say they have "great women bosses" and "great parental leave benefits for moms and dads, great health benefits, and 3 weeks of vacation for new hires."

You probably know Squarespace as a company that helps people and organizations build websites. Beyond helping clients, though, Squarespace makes a point of prioritizing its employees' health and happiness. The company offers 18 weeks of paid parental leave for primary caregivers, flexible vacation, and flexible working policies. And they're hiring like crazy.

Liberty Mutual has job openings all over the country, and women who work there say there's room for growth, the company values hard work, and there are great networking opportunities. 

Cognizant is hiring all over the country!...and here's what women have to say about working there: "Cognizant is a great place to work. I love the freedom that is given to employees to carry out their work." 

At Boston Scientific — which is hiring now — you'll work collaboratively to solve healthcare’s toughest problems; across 100+ countries, the company helps providers deliver care more effectively by reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and expanding access to care to help more people in more places live longer, healthier lives.

Asana is hiring a ton for their San Francisco and New York offices, and honestly, it sounds like a fantastic team to join. Women say the company is a "great support system” that has “really high standards when it comes to treating their employees equally.”
Employees say United Technologies is a "great place for women to work" that "put[s] a lot of resources toward promoting women and diversity." The company is a leader in the global building and aerospace business, and is hiring a ton right now!

Capital One is hiring like crazy in multiple departments, and is devoted to helping employees live their best lives. Perhaps that's why employees say it's a "great place for working moms [with] wonderful flexibility and culture" and that the company is "constantly exploring new ways to ensure an inclusive and engaged environment."

DRWa global trading company, believes strongly in financial investment diversification, and applies this same diversity-first approach to its employees. The company is super proactive about shrinking the gender gap in trading and technology, and it's beginning to do that important work by focusing on hiring more women!

West Monroe Partners has job openings all across the country. The consulting firm, which helps organizations reimagine their businesses and improve performance, is looking for candidates to fill consulting, finance, talent acquisition, healthcare, and tech, roles among others. Employees say it’s a “very open company that is built on creating future leaders.”

GameChanger, a company that builds products for youth sports teams and their communities, is obsessed with bettering the lives of people — including its employees. Women say the company is "great, very considerate and thoughtful about personal needs" and that it has "a very generous and transparent culture that values the individual and strives to make her experience exceptional." 

If you're passionate about bettering the world, JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s openings will interest you. The firm was voted the No. 1 Company Most Likely to Change the World by Fortune in 2017, and women describe it as a "very understanding and diversified" place to work.

Dow Jonesthe company that publishes The Wall Street Journal, is hiring a lot in news/editorial, sales, production, office administration, and IT development. Women say it’s “a great place to work” with “many opportunities for growth.”

Want "great benefits"? Hoping to find a company that's "focused on increasing and improving diversity"? That's precisely what women report about working at Jaunt VR, a company that provides solutions for creating and distributing immersive content. Plus, they're hiring!

Time Inc. publishes some of your favorite brands, like InStyle and Real Simple — and they’re looking for candidates interested in communications, sales, engineering, journalism, photography, finance, social media, publicity, and more. If creativity is your thing, be sure to check out their openings.

Johnson & Johnson is hiring all over the country in its finance, customer service, legal, engineering, and medical affairs departments, among others. Employees have written on Fairygodboss that it’s a “great company with good benefits for moms/families.”

Fairygodboss users have rated Accenture as the #3 best company for women — and they’re hiring like crazy all over the country. Accenture has openings in marketing, tech, strategy consulting, and analytics. 

Women who work at PepsiCo, the #2 best company for women on Fairygodboss, say “your career and your time is yours to manage” and that the work is “challenging but rewarding.” They have openings in marketing, IT, HR, finance, and more!

Ericsson, an employer that is all about embracing connectivity and mobility, has “great benefits” and and “value[s] women,” according to employees. They’re looking for candidates with experience in consulting, sales, tech, engineering, management, and more.

TEKsystemsan IT recruiting company that employees say "really values female leadership" and "offers flexible schedules when you have a family," is hiring all over the country!

OnDeck is a rapidly growing FinTech company that women say has a “great maternity leave policy, very relaxed vacation/work from home policy,” and is a “passionate” place to work with “great culture.” They’re hiring in tons of departments, including engineering, marketing, finance, product, legal, HR and strategy!

Women who work at Bank of America say its an “amazing company to work for [that] truly cares about their employees [and] hires based on qualifications and not gender" — plus BoA's Financial Advisor Development Program is an incredible opportunity. They're hiring a ton right now!

Boston Consulting Group is hiring for an array of roles in design, HR and finance — and employees say it's a "great place for women [with] flexible hours and they care about women and the environment."

Salesforce is known for having a leadership team that cares a whole lot about gender equality. In fact, one woman says it's a "wonderful company; I couldn't recommend [it] more highly. [The] CEO is very forward-thinking and promotes diversity."

T-Mobile has a ton of positions open in retail, marketing and product, tech, and more — and women say it's "simply the best employer I have ever worked for. The D&I program makes you feel like you are apart of a family."

Mulitnational media and information firm Thomson Reuters is currently scouting out new talent in roles ranging from marketing to sales to engineering. But regardless of which department you land in, you can expect benefits that are "unheard of with other employers," according to women who work here.


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