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Finding maternity wear that's both work-appropriate and comfortable is no easy feat. After all, a large bulk of what's sartorially out there for pregnant women still revolves around the idea that moms-to-be should look "cutesy" or overly precious. And if your sense of style pre-pregnancy was one that reveled in ultra-feminine looks, that's great! But there are plenty of women out there who may view this sudden absence of structured, sharp and edgy outfit options as an unfortunate sacrifice. Especially when it comes to how you present yourself at the office.

That's why we've done some homework to round up eight maternity outfits you can wear at work that'll keep you feeling like the powerful professional you are. You may even want to keep rocking some of these postpartum! 

1. A Sweater Dress

Photo via Instagram/@thelipstickfever

While wearing big, baggy dresses all the time can get old, sweater dresses add some texture into the mix. They're also warm and soft to keep you comfortable while you're at work.

2. A Fitted but Stretchy T-Shirt Dress

Photo via Instagram/@mammaellethelabel

Finding a dress that's fitted and still comfortable to wear while pregnant can be difficult. But a soft, stretchy dress like this one — made of Jersey knit fabrics like bamboo, cotton or viscose blended with spandex — are breathable. Find one with a fun print, and you're set for the office.

3. A Loose Jumpsuit and Blazer

Photo via Instagram/@bow_maternity

Find a jumpsuit that's loose enough so it feels like you're wearing an adult onesie. And then pair it was a blazer to dress it up for the office.

4. A Maxi Dress

Photo via Instagram/@my_life_with_liv

Maxi dresses aren't all appropriate to wear to the office, but if you find one with sleeves — and perhaps even a fun floral print like this one — you can pull it off with the right pairing. Booties and a cardigan or jacket, for example, can dress the maxi up for the workspace.

5. An Oversized Sweater and Stretchy Jeans

Photo via Instagram/@momsinthemirror

What's more comfortable than an oversized sweater? Pair it with some jeans and boots, if you work in a casual office, or even with stretchy tights and a skirt if you need to dress it up.

6. A Belted Midi-Dress

Photo via Instagram/@thrift.magick

Like a maxi dress, midi dresses can be elevated to wear to the office. Accessories like a belt that sits comfortably above your belly can really make this outfit.

7. A Flowy, Pleated Skirt and Blouse

Photo via Instagram/@cutepregnancyoutfits

Grab a flowy skirt with a stretchy elastic waistband that'll fit comfortably below your breasts, above your belly. Then pair it with a loose blouse or sweater for added comfort.

8. A Loose Mini Dress

Photo via Instagram/@loulouaustralia

Loosely fitted dresses are perfect for pregnancy. You can pair them with blazers, cardigans and jackets, and you can wear them bare-legged or with stretchy tights, too. You'll feel sexy and still be cozy wearing it.

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