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74 Reasons Women Love These (Hiring) Companies
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You don’t have to love your job every minute of every day (let’s be real, no one does). But you deserve to work at a company that’s at least doing some things right… and we’re here to help you figure out how to make that happen. We work with a lot of companies that are a little bit obsessed with fostering a company culture that works for women — and these employers are also hiring right now! 

We’ve gathered insight from actual employees to give you 74 reasons — backed up with quotes from ladies who know the inside scoop — that you should work at a Fairygodboss-approved company:

1. Honeywell

At Honeywell, a Fortune 100 connected technologies company, FGB'ers say they love that their days feature "brilliant coworkers and interesting work." Between flexible hours coupled with "lots of opportunities to advance," employees are calling Honeywell a "great place for women to work, and (it) continues to get better."

Browse Opportunities at Honeywell.

2. Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. has its sights set on reinventing the way we see (and use) cameras, and women who work there seriously love being a part of that mission. When asked whether they would recommend Snap to other women, one FGB'er who recently returned from maternity leave gave a resounding, all-caps "YES." Her reasoning? "My managers and HR have been incredibly supportive and helpful with everything, which has made my time as a new mom so special. I am incredibly grateful to work at a company that values family so much."

Browse Opportunities at Snap Inc.

3.  Quicken Loans

Women love working at Quicken Loans Inc., a family of companies that truly values its employees. One woman said “Quicken Loans is the most amazing opportunity you'll ever have when it comes to a job. This is such an amazing career here. They really take care of their employees.” On top of generous healthcare benefits, parental leave policies, and investment options, Quicken Loans offers some pretty amazing perks. Employees get paid time off to volunteer, tuition reimbursements, and free educational seminars and wellness programs. Lucky for you, Quicken Loans is hiring like crazy.

Browse Opportunities at Quicken Loans.

4. Macy's

 Want another reason to love Macy's, besides its status as an iconic purveyor of fashion and parades? Women who work here say it's "supportive of working moms/dads, and offers great work life balance."

Browse Opportunities at Macy’s, Inc.

5. American Water

Not only does American Water offer competitive benefits and health and wellness programs, but it also provides wonderful training and development opportunities. It's no wonder that employees call it "a great place to grow, innovate and become next generation future leaders."

Browse Opportunities at American Water.

6. PNC Financial Services Group

Women make up almost 60% of PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.’s workforce, and it’s really no wonder why. According to current employees, PNC is a champion of women. They consistently “promote and recognize women” while ensuring "good work-life balance” and workplace flexibility. What else could you want in an employer? 

Browse Opportunities at PNC Financial Services Group.

7. Cisco

 Women at Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT, call it a "great place for women in STEM." As one FGB'er put it, leadership here believes in diversity and inclusion "without it feeling like a forced HR initiative" — and they're putting their money where their mouth is with awesome benefits, including gender-neutral paid parental leave, to prove it.

Browse Opportunities at Cisco.

8. Agilent

 At Agilent Technologies, women rave about the "fantastic culture of trust, respect, and integrity" — and also love having the opportunity to connect their day-to-day work with bettering the world, be it addressing health issues and trends or the environment. They're also hiring a bunch, across the country!

Browse Opportunities at Agilent.

9. Apple

You’ll have an “amazing opportunity to work with individuals who are star players” at Apple, a company that “strives to a give their employees a good work/life balance with generous maternity leave (for both men and women), paid family leave, flexible schedules Kin care, and many, many other family friendly practices.”

Browse Opportunities at Apple.

10. PepsiCo

You’ll have the chance to participate in an “open dialogue about how to evolve the workplace to increase flexibility” if you work at PepsiCo, where “your career and your time is yours to manage.”

Browse Opportunities at PepsiCo.

11. Accenture

If you find a job at Accenture, you’ll get to work somewhere with a “GREAT culture [that’s] team oriented.” The company has “several initiatives and groups focused on improving the work and life experiences of women.”  

Browse Opportunities at Accenture.

12. GM

 GM is hiring across the country, and it's an incredible place for women to be. GM's Chair and CEO, Mary Barra, is the first female to lead the auto industry, and the company's board of directors is made up of 45% women. Needless to say, employees are kind of obsessed with GM. One says, "I love my company culture and the wonderful environment with great growth opportunities," and another reports, "I have the flexibility to work from home and adjust my hours. This has been a great benefit for my family and allows me to be both a mother and have a career."

Browse Opportunities at GM.

13. PwC

If you want to work for an employer that consistently ranks as one of the best places to work (as a parent or otherwise), look into options at PwC, where there are “solid benefits and flex time to have a family & career.”

Browse Opportunities at PwC.

14. West Monroe Partners

West Monroe Partners will offer you the opportunity to work with “strong, supportive, intelligent women mentors and peers! I am constantly in awe of the women I work with,” one employee says. Another touts that West Monroe “is a very open company that is built on creating future leaders. We all have a chance to speak up.”

Browse Opportunities at West Monroe Partners.

15. Fidelity

You’ll be in good hands if you look into jobs at Fidelity, where “several executive leadership roles are held by women and the company culture is very welcoming to everyone.”

Browse Opportunities at Fidelity.

16. Dow Jones

You’ll get awesome perks and benefits if you find a job at Dow Jones. The “paid time off benefit is outstanding, which makes for a fantastic work-life balance.”

Browse Opportunities at Dow Jones.

17. Ultimate Software

Named a best workplace for both women and millennials by Fortune, Ultimate Software brings a passionate, people-first approach to all things software. Plus, 49% of its talent base is female, which is certainly an above-average stat for the tech arena.

Browse Opportunities at Ultimate Software.

18. Salesforce

There are a lot of reasons to consider working at Salesforce, but one of the most appealing aspects of the company is its devotion to equality. “Salesforce sets the bar for women working in tech, and it just keeps getting better,” one employee says. “Over the last 4 years I have seen our benefits expand, and our CEO's enduring commitment to equality.”

Browse Opportunities at Salesforce.

19. Terex

You'll get to work in an environment that "takes gender equality seriously" and one that has "a lot of opportunities and great leadership" if you pursue opportunities at Terex, a company that delivers lifecycle solutions to a broad range of industries, including construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

Browse Opportunities at Terex.

20. Johnson & Johnson

You’ll have the chance to enjoy a truly female-friendly culture. At Johnson & Johnson, for example, there are “good benefits for moms/families. [They] just extended the maternity leave policy, [there’s] support for IVF and adoption, [and] daycare [is] available at most sites in US.”

Browse Opportunities at Johnson & Johnson.

21. United Technologies

You'll be able to consider a company like United Technologies, which employees say "put[s] a lot of resources toward promoting women and diversity."

Browse Opportunities at United Technologies.

22. OnDeck

You’ll get a sense of what a “great [company] culture” looks like if you find a job at OnDeck, a company employees say is an “intense [and] passionate” place to work with “great growth, data, [an] awesome maternity leave policy, [and] smart people.”

Browse Opportunities at OnDeck.

23. CDW

Joining the team at technology solutions provider CDW means you’ll be part of a culture where making a global impact is just another day’s work. It’s an especially ideal option for young women in STEM — the company’s UniversITy Women program connects college women with Fortune 500 leaders.

Browse Opportunities at CDW.

24. Boston Consulting Group

You can't beat the opportunities at Boston Consulting Group, which is hiring for an array of roles in design, HR and finance. One employee says there's "great opportunity to chart your own path and tremendous flexibility over course of a career. Tremendous opportunities for longevity."

Browse Opportunities at Boston Consulting Group.

25. Ingersoll Rand Inc.

Ingersoll Rand Inc.’s values of respect, teamwork and innovation make it a flexible and supportive place to work. Women love the organization’s excellent benefits, including family-care and Flexible Professional programs. Beyond benefits, Ingersoll Rand also offers a supportive community of women, and a successful women’s leadership program — talk about growth potential. 

Browse Opportunities at Ingersoll Rand Inc.

26. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is doing the important work of providing cutting-edge care, and it knows it needs a diverse team to provide the best care possible. The center supports a variety of Employee Resource Networks that insure inclusion of everyone. Beyond a company culture that values diversity, the center also provides benefits that don’t discriminate, including paid parental leave for people of all genders. 

Browse Opportunities at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

27. ZS

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what that means… at ZS. “Respect for people is inherent to the ZS culture,” one woman explains. “Our core values — do the right thing, treat people right and get it right — guide everything we do. As a woman, it is by far the best place I've ever worked — both in terms of the opportunity to make an impact with our clients, but also from an internal support and respect standpoint.”

Browse Opportunities at ZS.

28. Bank of America

At Bank of America, you'll have the opportunity to be part of what women call an “amazing company to work for [that] truly cares about their employees [and] hires based on qualifications and not gender" — plus BoA's Financial Advisor Development Program is an incredible opportunity. 

Browse Opportunities at Bank of America.

29. Sterling Talent Solutions

Women getting the top jobs is something we love to see at companies. And at Sterling Talent Solutions, the world's largest background screening provider, you get to see this every day. As said one Fairygodboss user, "As a single mother it's amazing to be a company that has so many powerful women, from our CEO to our CHRO. This company is truly a breath of fresh air."

Browse Opportunities at Sterling Talent Solutions.

30. Ericsson

If work-life balance is a priority for you, you simply must check out jobs at Ericsson. Employees say that “mobility, flexibility, [and] diversity [are] at the core of our values and the way we do business,” and that they truly feel they can work remotely without being judged for doing so.

Browse Opportunities at Ericsson.

31. Capital One

It's no surprise that women love working at Capital One. Employees say the company's "work life balance and flexibility is like no place I’ve ever worked. Amazing." and that it's a "great place for working moms [with] wonderful flexibility and culture."

Browse Opportunities at Capital One.

32. HP

Women who work at HP say it's a "great place to grow your career and balance your life priorities. Great place to innovate and be your self. Great focus on diversity and inclusion with business in 160 countries around the world." And they're hiring like crazy across the country!

Browse Opportunities at HP.

33. Boston Scientific

"Every woman is represented here!" says a Boston Scientific employee. "Kids, no kids, career oriented, family oriented, community oriented, innovative, introverted, extroverted, etc. All races, identifications, interests are not only happy but are fulfilled here!"

Browse Opportunities at Boston Scientific.

34. GE

If you want a workplace that gets you, you better look into GE, where employees say “the culture is great and the flexibility really supports my needs as a mom, wife and employee.” One employee has declared, “I could not recommend the company more highly for women.”

Browse Opportunities at GE.

35. Kohler

Kohler believes that a better business means a better world. And their fair business practices are more than celebrated by female employees. Kohler offers flex work options, fertility benefits, maternity leave coaching, generous leave policies, milk stork services and pumping rooms, and more. “Kohler has great opportunities and flexibility in many areas,” one anonymous reviewer said. “5 stars.” 

Browse Opportunities at Kohler

36. Unilever

One employee from Unilever — which makes thousands of products under more than 400 brand names used by two and a half billion people every single day — explains why she loves working there: "I had a very supportive team and fun colleagues so I enjoyed working here. Although I left when I was having my second child I have since re-joined this company in another country after relocating - initially on part-time consultant basis and now soon to be full-time. I feel I had this opportunity because of the trust I built with my colleagues and their supportive and inclusive nature."

Browse Opportunities at Unilever.

37. Proviti

Protiviti, a global consulting firm, more than values its female employees. Women say the firm is "an inclusive organization” that "truly cares about” its employees. And Protiviti’s diverse benefits prove this is true. The company offers 4 weeks of vacation to all employees, 15 days of fully-comped care for children or elders, and flexible work arrangements. And lucky for you, they’re hiring like crazy.

Browse Opportunities at Proviti.

38. Nationwide

"There are a great number of opportunities to learn and advance," says one woman who works at Nationwide. "The pay ranges are provided for each job "level" so there is transparency there. We have groups (both professional and hobby) to meet people and engage associates. We have many learning opportunities, both online and classroom. Our benefits are very nice. It is a large company but feels like family, truly."

Browse Opportunities at Nationwide.

39. Ecolab, Inc.

A global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, Ecolab protects people and vital resources around the world. And they’re just as protective of their employees’ work-life balance, and career development. "As a woman, I feel very lucky to work for an employer like Ecolab,” one anonymous reviewer wrote. "I believe my perspective and feedback is valued, and I feel supported in my decisions both professionally and in my personal life.” Luckily, Ecolab is hiring like crazy right now. 

Browse Opportunities at Ecolab, Inc.

40. Squarespace

Squarespace helps people and companies build websites — but day-to-day, the employer also helps its employees live happy, healthy lives. In addition to offering 18 weeks of paid parental leave for primary caregivers, Squarespace provides flexible vacation and flexible working policies. 

Browse Opportunities at Squarespace.

41. Seagate Technology

 The folks at Seagate Technology are passionate about delivering superior data storage technologies — and women here are passionate about helping them in that mission, especially given the support they're shown. One Fairygodboss user praised the company for not only offering paid maternity leave, but "bonding leave" to boot. 

Browse Opportunities at Seagate Technologies.

42. GameChanger

Passionate about sports? So are the folks at GameChanger, a firm that’s building life-changing products for youth teams and their communities. Female employees also love the monthly “ladies lunch,” where women get together to talk shop and relevant issues.

Browse Opportunities at GameChanger.

43. ADP

Employees at ADP say the company is "very family friendly, and offers a lot of professional development opportunities as well as the chance to move around within the organization." 

Browse Opportunities at ADP.

44. IBM

Need some better female role models in your professional life? IBM may have what you’re looking for. This employee says it all: “With a few of the most senior positions in the company filled by women at the top, it's hard for anyone to suggest that women's careers here are not nurtured. The support network is great. Yes, it's a tech industry and there are a lot of men in tech. But the company walks the talk on flexibility and always has. I worked part-time for 13 years raising my kids, and it didn't hurt my career. Women are not judged harshly for also taking care of responsibilities outside the office.”

Browse Opportunities at IBM.

45. Cognizant

At Cognizant — which is hiring like crazy right now — employees say they "love the freedom that is given to employees to carry out their work."

Browse Opportunities at Cognizant.

46. Fisher Investments

Women love working at Fisher Investments because of their mission-based approach to their work and their dedication to their employees. Fisher offers amazing benefits – from a generous PTO policy, 50% 401(k) matching, and competitive (and equal!) pay to perks like food trucks and dry cleaning services. Thankfully, Fisher is hiring around the U.S.

Browse Opportunities at Fisher Investments.

47. Liberty Mutual

At Liberty Mutual, women say there's "great opportunity for advancement and flexible work hours to suit anyone's needs," and that "hard work and good networking get you far." 

Browse Opportunities at Liberty Mutual.

48. The Home Depot

The Home Depot’s female employees can’t stop bragging about the company’s generous benefits. Working here, you’re provided with on-site childcare, adoption assistance, generous parental leave policies, commuter benefits, tuition reimbursements, a 401(k) savings plan, and an employee stock purchasing plan. Plus, TONS of discounts. Lucky for you, the iconic company with even more iconic benefits is hiring like crazy. 

Browse Opportunities at The Home Depot

49. Ford

"Great work-life balance, diversity, and policies in place to support it! " says one woman who works at Ford. Another says the company is a "great example of treating male and female employees equitably. Great maternity package and support."

Browse Opportunities at Ford.

50. Union Pacific Railroad

Union Pacific Railroad provides its employees only the best of the best benefits. The company offers flex time and telecommuting options, sabbatical options, fertility benefits and lactation facilities for new moms. Women at Union Pacific also benefit from a supportive women’s Employee Resource Group, in which female employees share career advice and get involved in their community. 

Browse Opportunities at Union Pacific Railroad

51. Avanade Inc.

Technology company Avanade believes women are changing the tech game. The leading digital innovator in the Microsoft ecosystem says it “is a place where women can learn, grow and succeed through on-the-job experience, professional development and mentoring.” And women who review Avanade online agree. Fairygodboss reviewers say the company "has many programs to promote and encourage female leaders to grow and develop” and “has great benefits while being flexible with your needs.” 

Browse Opportunities at Avanade Inc

52. Southern California Edison

According to women who work at Southern California Edison, the supportive leadership is worth writing home about. As one FGB'er put it, "I've had great coaches, mentors and sponsors to guide me and help me with my development... I've also had leaders who were very supportive during times of personal crisis, such as a death in the family, allowing me to focus on my family without feeling guilty about not focusing on work."

Browse Opportunities at Southern California Edison.

53. EY

Women describe EY as a “great culture” that "encourages flexible arrangements.” They say the company is “committed to promoting women” – and EY offers the benefits to back that up. They provide 16 weeks of paid parental leave, paid child care, and IVF treatment options. Plus, 95% of EY employees telecommute. The best part? They're hiring right now! 

Browse Opportunities at EY.

54. Magic Leap

Women say that at Magic Leap, "the people are great to work with, and you will learn something new every day.” This tech company is hiring now!

Browse Opportunities at Magic Leap.

55. Sysco

According to women who work there, Sysco is "truly an industry leader.” The food services company provides "a lot of exciting work to do in many different fields” with “opportunity for development and growth, and a focus on social responsibility.” 100% of women who left reviews on Fairygodboss would recommend Sysco to another woman — and it’s really no wonder why. The company offers great benefits like competitive pregnancy and adoption leave, dependent care flex accounts, advanced mentorship programs, and involvement with the women’s foodservice forum. 

Browse Opportunities at Sysco.

56. Continental

Automotive company Continental is envisioning a world without car accidents — and it’s recruiting women to help with their mission. Women reviewers say the company has "really great programs for development and mentorship,” and has “many policies... to support women and flexible work.” Some of these progressive policies include 3 months of paid maternity leave, 17 days of flexible PTO, flexible work options, wellness programs including onsite mammograms, and paid time off for volunteering.

Browse Opportunities at Continental.

57. National Security Agency

Why work at NSA? If doing the inarguably important work of bolstering national security wasn't incentive enough, the agency also offers some primetime employee benefits. From on-site childcare and intramural sports teams to telework options and up to 26 paid vacations days a year, they're big believers in helping employees integrate their professional and personal lives in a way that's actually sustainable.

Browse Opportunities at the National Security Agency.

58. Robert Half

Women love working at Robert Half — a corporate services firm that was named one of Fortune’s ‘World’s Most Admired Companies.’ They offer holistic benefits — from company paid life insurance to adoption reimbursements to dependent care reimbursement accounts. More than that, they offer an environment where women are set up for success. One anonymous reviewer said: “ I have found many female role models within the company. The company supports flexibility, which has helped me balance work and family obligations.” 

Browse Opportunities at Robert Half.

59. Wells Fargo

One of the things women on Fairygodboss most consistently praise Wells Fargo for? The "amount of opportunity" here. Not only that, but employees also note that there are a "number of teams dedicated to advancing gender and diversity inclusion" — and it's clearly paying off. In 2016, the company rolled out a generous paid parental leave package of 16 paid weeks for caregivers, regardless of gender, and thousands of team members have already utilized it.

Browse Opportunities at Wells Fargo.

60. 3M

With benefits like 20 weeks of maternity leave, flexible work arrangements and support for community involvement, finding a job at consumer goods company 3M means joining an organization where employees' full lives are valued. And now's a great time to get on board —  in 2018, 3M set a goal of doubling its pipeline of diverse management talent by 2025.

Browse Opportunities at 3M.

61. Frontier Communications

Women who work at Frontier experience the company’s dedication to fostering an inclusive environment first-hand. The company offers flexible work options based on employees’ job function and needs. They also provide a comprehensive benefits package that can be tailored to one’s personal, financial and wellness goals. In addition to top of the line benefits, Frontier offers career development opportunities from a formal mentorship program to continuing education packages and one-on-one development meetings with top company leaders. 

Browse Opportunities at Frontier Communications. 

62. Qualtrics

Qualtrics, an experience management software company, is highly rated by women who work there. Why? The company offers paid paternal leave, paid adoptive leave, fertility benefits, commuter stipends, generous PTO, and comprehensive insurance and retirement plans. Plus, the company offers its employees plenty of fun perks, including catered lunches, dog-friendly office spaces, and more. 

Browse Opportunities at Qualtrics.

63. Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara is one of the best places that a woman can work. The company has extremely generous parental policies, including 12 weeks of paid parental leave at 80% gross tax free, adoption costs covered up to $4,000 per child, lactation rooms at some offices, phased maternity return, back up childcare, and more. The company also offers flexible working arrangements — from home offices to flex hours — and mentorship and diversity initiatives. 

Browse Opportunities at Hitachi Vantara.

64. Genesys

At Genesys, technology is seen as a tool to enhance the humanity of businesses' customer service and call center needs — not a means of replacing it. Women who work at Genesys — headquartered in California, but with offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia — experience a similar fusion of sensibilities in their day-to-day work. It's a fusion that proves you can sit on the frontlines of tech without sacrificing a family-focused culture.

Browse Opportunities at Genesys.

65. Goldman Sachs 

Beyond the prestigious name, women love working at Goldman Sachs because it is truly dedicated to gender diversity and providing benefits women need. The company offers 16 paid weeks of parental leave, flexible work schedules, a fertility support program that covers up to $45,000 of medical and prescription drug costs, a back up childcare program, and on-site gynecology in larger offices. 

Browse Opportunities at Goldman Sachs

66. USAA

In 1922, USAA (short for "United Services Automobile Association") was founded by a group of U.S. Army officers who had trouble securing auto insurance due to the perception that they, as members of the military, were a "high-risk" group. One hundred short years later, and the Fortune 500 company, which has been voted one of the world's "most ethical," continues to embody its patriotic roots. By providing banking and insurance services to military members, veterans, and their families, women who work here say they find their jobs incredibly meaningful. As Laura Bishop, the company's CFO, put it: "The passion and dedication USAA employees have toward our mission amazes me!"

Browse Opportunities at USAA.

67. The Kraft Heinz Company

At Kraft Heinz, one of the world's top five largest food and beverage companies, women have the chance to not only work with iconic products and brands from their childhoods, but also to shape the future direction of the company. In 2018, the Chicago-headquartered company launched its first business dedicated exclusively to growing organic and natural brands, and a significant emphasis is placed on charitable initiatives and employee volunteerism, as well, especially around the issue of tackling of world hunger. 

Browse Opportunities at Kraft Heinz.

68. XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics was named one of the most admired companies by Fortune magazine, and there’s no wonder why. XPO has a demonstrated commitment to its female employees. "XPO has recently seen a big push in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and it's not just lip service,” one anonymous Fairygodboss reviewer said. The company offers 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, lactation facilities, fertility benefits and a supportive online community,  where you’ll find groups such as #SHEISXPO, designed to help XPO women connect and share their points of view.

Browse Opportunities at XPO Logistics.

69. TIAA

TIAA’s culture allows all employees to contribute their unique talents by accommodating and empowering people’s personal and professional goals. Women at TIAA appreciate the company’s health, insurance and wellness benefits that benefit them at every stage of life — from 16 weeks of paid parental leave to generous PTO to a retirement health savings plan. They also appreciate the professional development opportunities provided by company, including tuition reimbursement, on-demand tutoring for themselves and their dependents, toastmasters and more. 

Browse Opportunities at TIAA.

70. Qualcomm Incorporated

Before there were smartphones or autonomous cars, there was the technology that Qualcomm built — and it's tech continues to serve as the foundation for some of tech's most exciting opportunities today. From artificial intelligence to extended reality applications, women at Qualcomm get to have a direct hand in pioneering a world of possibility. What else do they love about working here? The supportive, family-friendly work culture doesn't hurt. In their employee reviews on FGB, women here say things like: "It feels like your coworkers here are your friends and family, and that they really care;" "We have nursing rooms and expectant mother parking spots;" "I found a team where I mean something."

Browse Opportunities at Qualcomm.

71. Siemens Digital Industries Software

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, but with offices in New York, California, Missouri, and North Carolina, the folks at Siemens Digital Industries Software help companies around the world to transform their business and develop innovative products and services. Women seem to be pretty big fans of their work here, and of the company culture. One woman, who's worked at Siemens for 19 years, said in her Fairygodboss review that she would "recommend it to everyone," and another noted that she's "been blessed with a really supportive manager and have been able to get promoted into management."

Browse Opportunities at Siemens Digital Industries Software.

72. Capital Group

Could you say with confidence that your company is the "best employer out there for women"? Women who work at Capital Group, one of the world's oldest and largest financial services companies, can. One FGB'er wrote in her review that at the end of the day, she feels above all "respected" at Capital Group, adding that "the culture is supportive and the company is only getting more flexible." In fact, "respect" is one of the most frequently occurring words across employee reviews here. Another testified that "there is an immense culture of respect at the firm, and associates are encouraged to speak their mind and contribute to creative solutions and projects."

Browse Opportunities at Capital Group.

73. Mentor Graphics

Women who work at Mentor Graphics, a Siemens business, enjoy a wide array of benefits, including women who work on a part-time basis. That's because, although Mentor may be billion-dollar electronic design automation (EDA) corporation, it has a people-first culture. Nurturing the curiosity and continued education of women at Mentor is at the heart of the culture here, as well; employees are eligible for programs ranging from tuition reimbursement to a research-based Corporate Library to professional development programs for both technical and non-technical education.

Browse Opportunities at Mentor Graphics.


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