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Report: The Benefits Today's Top Female Talent Won't Compromise On
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Hiring and retaining top talent is more competitive than ever. Employers today understand that, in order to stand a fighting chance in this arena, the quality of benefits they offer to employees matters. But when it comes to benefits that impact women’s health and family-building abilities, what exactly is considered to be crucial by female talent?

To answer this question, Fairygodboss partnered with Extend Fertility to conduct research, surveying 1,000 professional women. Of the respondents, 87% confirmed a company’s benefits package is important or very important to them when evaluating a job offer. And yet, a full 40% of these women felt the women’s health and family-friendly benefits offered at their current employer were inadequate. A clear disconnect between the benefits women desire in their workplace and those provided went on to emerge yet further.

In analyzing the data, we identified a few key findings that put into focus why employers should take a closer look at the women’s health and family-building benefits they offer — and exactly which benefits women care about most. A few highlights: 

  1. The availability of certain benefits leads women to have a more positive image of a company, as well as a higher likelihood to apply for a job at and remain with that company.

  2. Across age brackets and ethnicities, and regardless of whether a woman actually planned on having children, the presence of a paid leave benefit had an overwhelmingly positive impact.

  3. Greater awareness for the need for certain benefits, including those in the IVF and egg-freezing space, is needed. 

Download the full report here.

1 Comment
1 Comment

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