Zoom’s Making it Easier Than Ever to Spend Thanksgiving With Your Family — Here’s How | Fairygodboss
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Zoom’s Making it Easier Than Ever to Spend Thanksgiving With Your Family — Here’s How
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Zoe Kaplan
Community Coordinator at Fairygodboss

The holidays are a time to come together with the ones you love. But in a world where physically being together can be dangerous, getting together safely for the holidays will look a little different this year.

Zoom is helping families and friends stay connected without having to leave their homes. This Thanksgiving, anyone can Zoom with whomever they want for as long as they want — starting at midnight ET on the 26th and ending at 6 a.m. ET on the 27th.

While Zoom is a free service, if you’re Zooming with three or more people and no one has a Zoom Pro account, your meetings are limited to only 40 minutes. That definitely isn’t enough time to sit down and stuff yourself with a delicious Thanksgiving meal — and it definitely isn’t enough to connect, chat and catch up with the people you love. That's why Zoom has lifted their meeting limit for one special day only.

How to set up your Zoom Thanksgiving.

Only one member of your party has to have a Zoom account to log in and set up the meeting — everyone else just needs a device to connect with! 

When you’re setting up the meeting, personalize the settings in a way that works best for your Thanksgiving gathering. This might mean automatically turning on participant video, allowing participants to join at any time, or requiring a password to get in to make the meeting more secure. You can even change up your group’s Zoom background and pretend you’re all feasting on the beach or in space (or in the Fairygodboss office).

Once you’ve set up your meeting, send out the Zoom link to everyone you want to join the holiday celebration. You can even record the meeting to look back on fondly — and hopefully watch together in person in the near future.

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