11 Small Signals You Send Every Day That Tell People How Smart You Are

11 Small Signals You Send Every Day That Tell People How Smart You Are


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April 19, 2024 at 6:47AM UTC
When you’re a bright person, you want people to take you seriously and present yourself in a certain way.
What things can you do to appear more intelligent?
These 11 small things show people that you’re intelligent and capable.

1. Be aware of your first impression

When you want to show that you’re intelligent within seconds, make an excellent first impression.
Give them a firm handshake and smile. Making an excellent first impression includes being confident and open. Once you made a positive first impression, the rest of the interactions will become easier. 

2. Dress appropriately

The way you present yourself is important. A big part of that is dressing appropriately.
You know what people expect of you, you know how to dress for the occasion, and you know how to present yourself. A certain degree of style and a polished look will get you far. 

3. Be on time

Being on time is a simple indicator that you value the meeting or event you’re attending. It shows responsibility and discipline.
Do you have a hard time being on time? Try time blocking

4. Be polite

When you are polite, you show selflessness. When you are rude, you show ignorance and don’t know any better.
Intelligent people are often polite. A small gesture could be to hold the door open for someone, which is such a small but significant act. 

5. Be a good listener 

When you think about someone who you consider a good listener, what do you think about them? Probably intelligent is somewhere up there. It takes attention and intention to listen to someone and be an active listener. 
Being a good listener is important down the line when you show someone you remember the details. They will be impressed and know that you paid attention when they talked to you. 

6. Take notes

Taking notes when you are in a meeting shows that you’re paying attention. You are putting in extra effort to retain what is said, and you want to get better. 
We often think that we will remember the things that we discuss. Often, we don’t. Taking notes is an easy way to show you’re paying attention and retain more information. 

7. Take care of yourself

If you want people to see you as intelligent, you must take care of yourself. It will show when you don’t do your hair or don’t make the effort to dress appropriately. 
Also, your energy must stay high during the day to make sure you aren’t getting tired. Taking care of yourself can do just that. 

8. Be organized

When you’re unorganized, it takes up a lot of extra energy and time. An intelligent person doesn’t let that happen. Put everything in the same place, put the one minute rule into practice, and keep your living areas clean. 
In the long run, this will save you time and energy. 

9. Watch your posture

When you want to show people you’re intelligent, watch your posture. Make sure your back is straightened, and you pull your shoulders back. Making this effort will ensure that you have an open posture and look confident.

10. Make eye contact

The moment you make eye contact, you acknowledge that you see the other people in the room.
It shows that you’re paying attention and want to establish a connection with others. 

11. Radiate confidence 

We’ve mentioned confidence already, but it is important enough to do it again.
When you speak with confidence, you know what you want to say and speak with varying tones. 

What’s your no. 1 piece of advice for keeping your professional appearance polished? Leave your answer in the comments to help other FGB’ers.

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