11 Things You Should Do For Yourself This August


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August is finally here (hooray!) and for many women, it’s the quietest time of the year at work. That means it’s a great time for some rest and relaxation - and you should be sure to take time off from work while it’s quiet. It’s also a great time to break free of routine, try new things, and be introspective about what’s going on your life. So here are 11 tips that can help you make the most of some extra time you have in August, and feel reenergized when things get busy again in September.
 1) Take a class.
Is there a new workout you’ve been meaning to try? Or a class you’ve been interested in taking? Maybe you’ve wanted to try out a new recipe or take a day trip. It’s so easy to get caught in our routines, and when we finally get time off, we usually want to just be lazy and do nothing.
Don’t get me wrong...There is plenty of value in doing nothing. But be sure to carve out some time over the next few weeks to try something you’ve been wanting to do. For example: there are so many new cool workouts these days, from barre to SoulCycle to boot camp to Lagree. See if you can find a new one you love. Check out ClassPass to explore options near you. If working out is not your thing, maybe take a cooking class, or one in floral arrangement.
Or visit Coursera and see about taking an online class in that subject that fascinated you in college but you haven’t thought about in years. (Example: for me, it’s art history.)
2) Read a good book.
You know that amazing feeling of accomplishment when you make your way through a great book? Check out this list of 30 books everyone should read, and pick one to get through this August. It will make you feel like you did something really constructive, and chances are you’ll enjoy every minute. 
3) Read a trashy book.
Sometimes nothing is more satisfying that curling up with a trashy beach read...and if you’re on the beach this August, that’s the perfect place to enjoy one! Check out the best options for Summer 2016 from PopSugar here.
4) Go see some art.
When was the last time you visited a museum or an art gallery? Or went to hear the symphony? Make it a priority to find a wonderful piece of art in your town and go see it. You’ll walk away feeling inspired.
5) Clean out your closet.
Even if you did Spring cleaning, by now, it’s likely your closet has gotten out of control. It’s time to get rid of the clothes that you’re really never going to wear again or that don’t fit you right. As my mother likes to say, “when in doubt, throw it out” - or at least take it donate it to Goodwill. Get your closet in gear for the fall season, which is full of important commitments and fun celebrations. For some good advice, you can read here on Goop how Gwyneth Paltrow does it.
6) Buy a new fall look.
Go shopping, and buy a fab new outfit that will make you feel confident and polished at work this fall. It’s always better to have something new when you confront your closet in the morning and ask that age-old, “what should I wear?” question.
 Make it a great investment by buying something versatile and well-made. That way, it should last for years to come. Check out our friends at MM. LaFleur for really beautiful yet practical workwear that will make you shine at your next presentation.
7) Reconnect with an old friend.
Is there a friend who you haven’t managed to catch up with in a while? Go out of your way to make a plan to see him or her. Meet for dinner, coffee, or even schedule a phone catch-up. Life can be so busy these days...and it’s important not to lose those fundamental friendships. Sometimes, there’s nothing like some quiet time with someone who knows you just so well.
8) Volunteer.
This has been a brutal year in terms of bad news across the world. Sometimes, we all feel so powerless. Now that you have some time off, it might just feed your soul a little to seek out a volunteer opportunity in your community and spend some time giving back to those less fortunate. Find a cause you are personally connected to. You never know what you might learn or experience when you get more involved.
9) Buy a new piece of furniture.
Nothing that feels better than coming home to a home you love. How long has it been since you updated your decor? Check out a Viyet, a new site that we love, where you can buy beautiful consigned furniture at very appealing prices.
10) Take some time just for you.
Go do nothing. Sit on a park bench or a beach. Take a walk or a hike. Try some meditation. (Check out Headspace, an awesome, easy meditation app we love.) 
11) Take some time to think about your job and your career.
Now that you can breathe for a minute, it’s a great time to reflect about your year at work so far. Has it met your expectations? Do you feel excited and energized by the work you’re doing? Do you feel it has the potential and opportunity you hope it should?
If you’re not certain, it’s a great time to do a little “career window shopping.” Write down exactly what it is you want in a job, and what your career objectives are. Spend some time online checking out companies you that interest you, and check for available jobs. Fairygodboss is a great place to do your research, if we do say so ourselves...
Make a career plan of action for the rest of the year, write it down, and hang it up on your fridge. That way, you are always staying focused on the big picture -- even when you’re deep in the weeds.
Once you’ve done any or all of these things, you should feel re-energized and refreshed. And now you can sit down on the couch to watch that Sex and The City marathon.
Enjoy your August!


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