20 Boss Ladies You Need To Follow Right Now

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Ellie Nieves
Ellie Nieves100
Women's Leadership Speaker & Coach
May 19, 2024 at 4:48PM UTC
I tweeted a simple request: Name a woman who inspires you on Twitter and tell me why. The Twittersphere responded! Here are the results. I included a few of my favorites, too!
  1. @AdleyStump: Adley Stump is a country singer and "The Voice" alum. She inspires because she is “fun, living her dream, loyal, fearless, real, awesome musician, great following.”
  2. @s_m_i: Stacy-Marie Ishmael a journalist and editor from Trinidad. She has worked for the Financial Times and Buzzfeed. She inspires us with “her smart analysis of news and media trends and strategy as well as her fearlessness at calling out bad practices.”
  3. @EricaLPeterson1: Erica Peterson is the founder of Moms Can Code and Science Tots. She inspires “because she's a mom of 2, founder of 2 startups (one tech & one NPO) & she ROCKS.”
  4. @alishalisha: Based out of Washington, D.C., Alisha Ramos is the founder and CEO of Girls’ Night In. She inspires because “she’s incredibly real about the excitement and frustrations of starting a new business.”
  5. @nicole_soojung: Nicole Chung is a writer and the managing web editor of Catapult, an independent book publisher. Her essays and articles have appeared in The New York Times, the Times Magazine, BuzzFeed, Hazlitt, The Atlantic, The Morning News and other publications. 
  6. @JoannaSimkin: Joanna Simkin refers to herself as a makeup artist and eyebrow whisperer. She inspires “because she truly does it all! Branding, beauty and brains.”
  7. @mkramer: Melody Joy Kramer is a senior audience development manager at the Wikimedia Foundation. On the side, she works on projects dealing with “public media, libraries, archives, free knowledge, using the Internet as a force for good, and/or creating little bits of joy in people's lives.”
  8. @laurenduca: Lauren Duca is a freelance journalist. “The voice of @laurenduca impacts not just young fierce females but everyone who has come across her op/ed for @TeenVogue. She's fun on twitter”
  9. @erinspice: Erin Spiceland is the director at Women Who Code HSV. She inspires because she “stands up for social issues she cares about and women who code.”
  10. @NishWeiseth: Nish Weiseth is a freelance opinion writer and the author of "Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World". She inspires because she gives words to what others are thinking, but don't always get the chance to say.
  11. @AstroSamantha: Samantha Cristoforetti is an astronaut for the European Space Agency. She spent 199 days on board the International Space Station as a Flight Engineer. How cool is that?!
  12. @ChloeCondon: Chloe Condon is an actress and an engineer who claims to be trying to slowly replace musical theatre lyrics in her brain with code. She inspires “for showing and mentoring the path forward into software engineering for many women from non-traditional backgrounds.”
  13. @notwaldorf: Monica Dinculescu is a developer at Google. Her job title is “emojineer”. She “produces awesome projects, educational blog posts related to building on the open web; loves Papa Johns.”
  14. @kmbannerman: Kim Bannerman — another Google rock star, she is the program manager for developer relations. She inspires because she is “one of the best connectors of people (and communities).
  15. @tdufuTiffany Dufu is the chief leadership office at Levo. She is also the author of the book "Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less." She is all about advancing women and girls.
  16. @PeginePower: An inductee of the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, Pegine Echevarria is “real and gutsy”. She helps leaders to become feisty, fearless and focused.
  17. @DrJenBennettDr. Jennifer Bennett is a social media marketing expert dedicated to helping leaders #BeWorthFollowing.
  18. @MariaTeresa1: Maria Teresa Kumar is the founding president of Voto Latino, a media organization dedicated to creating a more inclusive democracy through "innovative digital campaigns, pop culture, and grassroots voices” to educate and empower Latinos to be agents of change.
  19. @littlelizziev: Lizzie Velazquez was born with a rare syndrome. Rather than letting it define her, she has become an inspiration to many. Today she is an anti-bullying activist, social media personality, and author of the book "A BRAVE HEART: The Lizzie Velasquez Story."
  20. @Maria_HinojosaMaria Hinojosa is the president of Futuro Media, a nonprofit that produces award-winning programming for NPR and PBS on Latino news and cultural issues.
Ellie Nieves, JD, MBA, develops webinars, seminars, and coaching programs to help high achieving women show up, speak up and step up in their careers and personal lives. She is also the host of the Leadership Strategies for Women Podcast where she shares success tips to help women achieve more both personally and professionally. To learn more, go to www.EllieNieves.com

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