22 Things to Do After Work That'll Enrich Your Life More Than Happy Hour and Netflix

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Dara Paoletti26
June 23, 2024 at 8:45AM UTC
Are you feeling a little uninspired lately? It could be because you’ve gotten into a bit of a rut, especially when it comes to your after-work routine.
Maybe you've made a habit of heading to your favorite happy hour spot after work, or perhaps you’ve developed a bit of a flop-on-the-couch-and-binge-watch-your-favorite-Netflix-series routine. Sometimes the best way to get yourself out of a funk is to mix things up a bit. Here’s a list of ideas to inspire you to break out of your post-work day routine.

1. Take an evening stroll.

Stretch your legs, get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

2. Read a book.

Get started on that stack that’s been sitting on your nightstand for weeks…OK months.

3. Sit outside.

Grab a glass of iced tea and sit on your porch for some quiet time and people watching.

4. Go for a hike.

Get in some movement and time in nature to help you unwind after a busy day.

5. Visit an art museum or gallery.

Take in some art. See the world from a different perspective and get inspired.

6. Have friends over for dinner.

It doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated. Just an intimate evening of food, conversation and connection.

7. Go to bed early.

Make it an early night and savor it. Get cozy in your favorite PJs, put on some relaxing music and luxuriate in bed.

8. Go geocaching or letterboxing.

Looking for a little adventure? Geocaching and letterboxing are fun ways to explore your local area in a new way. Whether you go solo or with friends, it’s sure to be a good time.

9. Take a class.

What have you been curious to learn? Maybe there’s a class you’ve been wanting to take forever but you’ve been putting it off. Sign up and expand your mind!

10. Start a creative project.

Has it been a while since you sat down with your sketchbook or pulled out your camera? Take a couple hours after work to dive back in and get your creative juices flowing!

11. Get in some play time.

Grab a friend and head to the park with a frisbee. Frolic and play in the grass. Because adults need to play as much as kids.

12. Make dinner for yourself.

Pick up some fresh ingredients on your way home from work, put on some music, and cook yourself a delicious dinner. Experiment with a new recipe and make an evening of it.

13. Take a yoga, pilates, or dance class.

Does going to the gym feel like drudgery? Find a fun class that will get your body moving and your heart pumping. It’ll make you feel great too!

14. Start a hobby.

Thinking about getting into gardening, or woodworking, or welding? Start small, get your hands dirty and go for it!

15. Host a game night.

Get together with friends and family for a fun night of games or puzzles.

16. Volunteer.

Volunteer for a cause or organization that’s important to you. It’s a powerful way to contribute and you’ll feel good about how you’ve spent your time.

17. Go for a bike ride.

Dust off the bike that’s been sitting in the garage and take it for a spin. Explore your neighborhood or a bike path in the park and blow off some steam.

18. Do some journaling.

Pull out your journal or a notebook and write. What are you grateful for? What are you worried about? Put your thoughts on the page and unclog your brain.

19. Have sex (or masturbate).

One of the oldest pastimes in existence! We all know sex is natural and fun (thanks George Michael!). It’s also a fantastic way to de-stress.

20. Have a conversation.

Make time for real one-on-one connection. Call or get together with a friend and talk – and not about the weather. Open up and share what’s really going on in your lives.

21. Write a letter.

Yep, an old fashioned, hand-written letter. Tell someone you’re thinking about them or how important they are to you.

22. Fix something or do a small DIY project.

Pick a project that’s been on your to-do list for a while and get started on it. Make it fun – put on your favorite music and jam while you’re working. You’ll feel so satisfied when you finish.
Ready to break out of your after-work routine? Try something you wouldn’t normally do. Shaking things up is good for you!
Dara Paoletti is a life coach who helps people recover from burnout so they have more energy and enthusiasm for their work and life. Learn more at www.worklifeuprising.com.

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