22 Ways To Create a Deeply Impressive Brand on Any Social Media Platform

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According to HubSpot, about half of the world’s population are already active on social media, and businesses are quick to capitalize on that. Almost 80 percent of marketers buy paid ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and they’re planning to spend more on social media marketing in the near future.

 Social media has evolved from a simple tool used primarily to connect with loved ones into a powerful mechanism for marketing and networking. You can use it to promote your product, seek solutions to problems that matter to you, sell your ideas, and build trust with your customers. 

With intense competition and the growing costs of social media marketing, you need to learn how to leverage these platforms as effectively as possible. Here are the best ways to create a deeply impressive professional brand on any social media platform.

Own your niche.

While it’s okay to create content that’s slightly different from your niche, you should never lose sight of what makes you unique in the eyes of your audience. Your content will only help to elevate your professional brand if it serves a specific need for solution-oriented individuals in your industry. Your first goal when broadcasting your content must be to simply engage potential customers to draw people in and enable you to build your brand.

Post relevant industry news. 

Share your opinion or start a discussion.

Post compelling questions about industry issues. 

The goal is not only to get people talking but also to provide answers that will benefit them.

Share content to solve problems or spread awareness. 

This helps to build visibility as an authority in your niche. You can also promote positive word of mouth by hosting webinars, writing articles for publication in well-known magazines and websites, and organizing live events.

Use quotes and testimonials. 

These can help to motivate, inspire, teach, or get people talking about your brand. They also give prospects a sense of your brand personality and values before even interacting with you in person.

Make your post easy to share.

People share content they find helpful or interesting. Your goal is to make your posts as easy to share as possible. If you want them to spread like wildfire, always ask yourself this question: “How can I make it easy for people to share my content with others?”

Always include a share button. 

Share buttons work as visual cues that inspire others to spread your content, thereby increasing your visibility for every piece of content you produce. Many tools are free, easy to use and customizable.

Keep the text concise. 

Long-winded posts confuse people and make them less likely to share.

Add a meaningful image or video whenever possible. 

People love visuals, which is why they share infographics and videos that precisely explain concepts.

Make the headline count. 

A compelling headline that explains the value of your post in a few words is an easy way to get people to click on it.

Be consistent with branding.

Consistency is one of the keys to developing a solid following on social media. But it isn’t about repetition; it’s about creating a visual identity for your brand that people recognize and remember. Here’s how:

Create an outline. 

Decide the look and feel of your social media pages, apply the same images and color schemes, and use the same social media handle (or username) – preferably one that includes your brand name.

Be aware of timing and posting frequency. 

You want people to view your posts, but you don’t want to annoy them by flooding their feeds. Use social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to automate schedules and analyze data, like when people are most active on social media and which content types have the highest engagement rates. 

Curate and share relevant content.

You need quality content to build a good following on social media. But there’s no point in creating it if no one sees it. Here’s what to do.

Choose the right platforms. 

Each platform has a unique audience and set of features that affect how your content is received. Start by choosing where you want to be active (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and then determine your target audience.

Focus on quality, not quantity. 

You can’t fake engagement, followers, or comments. Focus on promoting your posts to relevant people and groups so that they go viral instead of creating content for the sake of pumping up numbers.

Maintain a mix of internal and external sources. 

It’s time to read industry blogs, news sites, etc., more often. These are excellent sources of valuable content you can curate and share by adding your comments or quotes to them.

Provide variety. 

Share infographics, quotes, videos, blog posts, etc., to keep your followers engaged. 

Learn how to be visual.

Visuals are powerful enough to help break down complex ideas into simpler ones. You can also use them for training your audience, promoting your brand’s message, and getting more traction on social media. 

Use images. 

Rather than limiting yourself to words alone, add pictures whenever possible, especially in blog posts or videos you share online.

Make videos. 

Videos are great because they combine images with sound and text to present even more information. You can embed videos on your website or share them via social media.

Add infographics.

Create infographics about your brand’s message and post them online if you want to go all out. They break down complex topics into bite-sized pieces that are easier to digest.

Social media has quickly become one of the best ways to promote a brand online. Posting on the major social networks and sharing content regularly can establish yourself as a thought leader and attract more followers. 

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