3 Reasons These Companies Are The Better Choice for Women in Tech


Women in tech


It’s no secret the tech industry doesn’t exactly have the most women-friendly reputation. 
Between the storied “bro” culture of Silicon Valley and a spate of high-profile company scandals, there’s no question the tech world has a ways to go before we’re ready to call it inclusive. Yet, certain tech companies have managed to thwart stereotypical patterns by positioning themselves as workplaces where women do more than simply survive — they thrive. And on April 18th, several of those companies will convene under the same (digital) roof for Fairygodboss’ second Virtual Career Fair, exclusively for women in tech. 

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At the free, day-long online fair, attendees will not only be able to apply for thousands of (really, truly) open positions at companies women love. They’ll also be able to talk live with recruiters at top tech companies like IBM, ADP, Cognizant, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, HP, DRW, Schlumberger, Walmart, 3M, Raytheon, and Fisher Investments — all without leaving their couch.
What is it about these companies, exactly, that make them better choices for women seeking tech jobs? We break down a few of their commonalities below.
1. Equality is the expectation. Period.
Certain companies pay a lot of lip service to workplace gender equality. But for the companies participating in Fairygodboss’ Virtual Career Fair, diversity is truly a motivator. Take IBM for example. Since hiring its first female employee in 1899, the tech company has continued to be at the forefront of inclusive workplace practices — from publishing its first equal opportunity policy in 1935 to hiring the first female vice president in corporate America.
It’s no surprise, then, that Fairygodboss users who work at IBM continue to be impressed by the company’s diversity & inclusion efforts. One reviewer on Fairygodboss said that IBM “is empowering women daily,” with leadership that is “laser-focused on investing in women in the workplace.” Similarly, users call HP, another Virtual Career Fair participant, a workplace where equality is the norm, including one woman who says she’s “been promoted several times in my 24-year career while raising a family.”
2. They understand that employment is a two-way street.
Your job should add value to your life holistically — not just the other way around. Many tech companies are notorious for imposing long hours and stringent demands on employees. At our Virtual Career Fair, though, you can feel confident that the company you’re applying to join is the right culture fit.
Attendees can both direct questions about company culture to the recruiters themselves and also click over to over to the Fairygodboss company reviews database. There, you can hear about what a job is like directly from women employees — like one woman at ADP who says she’s “been able to make more money, have more flexibility, and grow more as a person at ADP than at any other employer,” or an employee at Charles Schwab who loves that her team “is given paid time off to volunteer.” Use the fair to find a career that aligns with your values — not simply a job for now.
3. Work-life balance is embraced — not merely tolerated — in official company policies.
Walmart, a Virtual Career Fair participant, recently made headlines for wildly expanding its paid parental leave policies to 10 weeks off for new moms and six weeks for dads. Bank of America also recently sweetened its paid leave offering, up from 12 weeks to 16 weeks for new moms, dads, and adoptive parents. Meanwhile, one woman at fellow-fair participant Schlumberger notes in her Fairygodboss review that management respects her need to be offline from 4-6pm to pick up her kids, and a senior software engineer at 3M adds that the company’s flex policy helps her balance work with her personal life. For its part, principal trading firm DRW partners with Bright Horizons to offer employees backup child and elder care.
If you’re ready to advance your tech career — and be supported in growing your personal life alongside it — be sure to register for Fairygodboss’ Virtual Career Fair on April 18, where you can find a job that fits your life. Register for free today!