3 Reasons Why A Coding Bootcamp Could Be Right For You

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Aaron Fried from Thinkful
Aaron Fried from Thinkful
As technology pushes the pace of change faster than ever, lots of people find themselves wondering if their skills will become obsolete. In some industries, we can see change barreling towards us — everyone knows that truckers are going to be replaced by self-driving trucks. For most of us, however, the change is more gradual.

Software is constantly changing the workplace in subtle new ways. People joke about software eating the world, but it’s true. Every day, we adapt to new tools, but we’re rarely afforded the opportunity to step into the driver’s seat and create new software. That’s why Thinkful and Fairygodboss are partnering to offer scholarships to Web Development Bootcamp.

Learning to code is a reliable way to invest in yourself by getting ahead of the technological curve. On one path, you can turn your career full-on towards coding, and become a software developer. Along that path, there are several diverging branches, including the growing fields of mobile and web development.

On another path, you can learn coding skills to boost your abilities in your current career. If you work with a lot of data, understanding how to write scripts using Python or R can allow you to process information more efficiently, and gain an edge in your field. Most of us, though, can also benefit from knowing a few basic programming concepts — being able to write a web page or create a simple task can save you tons of time and pay off in the end.

Coding bootcamps such as Thinkful teach working adults how to create software. If you’re looking to level up your career, here are a few ways to tell if a coding bootcamp is a fit for you:

1. You’ve tried coding before, gotten stuck, and given up.

Thousands of people try coding in school, on Codecademy, or on other free online tutorials. Many of us enjoy it but don’t pursue it as a career for an array of reasons. The fact is, learning to code is a difficult thing and, for most people, requires support from an expert.

Having a mentor or instructor to share their wisdom as you work through complex problems is a tremendous help to coding students. Several bootcamps, including Thinkful, even offer 1-on-1 mentorship, which allows students to develop a personal relationship with their teacher, and fosters a far higher chance of success (see: Bloom’s 2-sigma study).

2. You want to find a new career that’s both creative and logical.

Some people view coding as a craft. Others view it as a science. Truth be told, it’s a mixture of both. Programming demands strict adherence to a set of logical rules that build on each other. One small bug can prevent a program from working.

Despite being unforgiving, programming is rewarding. A web app can be a canvas for striking visual design. In some cases, an app — something seemingly made of just 1’s and 0’s on silicon chips — can unleash the creative power of millions. Just look at YouTube.

3. You’re a lifelong learner and relish learning a lot at an accelerated pace.

Bootcamps are challenging and not for the faint of heart (hence their name). Since they propose to teach you a technical skill at a professional level in anywhere from three to six months, you typically will spend much of your free time studying code.

While that sounds daunting, many ambitious students embrace the challenge and rise to it. Given the opportunity to radically change your career and move closer to the cutting edge, you might also find that the work is worth the return on investment.

Each bootcamp is different, and they all have their own approach to education, time commitment, and subject matter. Some bootcamps focus on web development, others focus on data science. Some are online, others are in-person. Some are full-time, others are part-time. When you consider bootcamps, it’s worth doing research to find out which will be the best investment for your exact needs and ambitions.

To help you invest in yourself, Fairygodboss’ scholarship with Thinkful will provide four winners $2,400 towards Flexible Web Development Bootcamp, which takes 6 months to complete and requires only a part-time commitment. Two winners will receive $3,000 towards Full Time Web Development Bootcamp, which takes a full-on immersive pace, but only takes 4 months to complete.

We invite you to apply here.


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