3 Signs You Need to Stay At Your Current Job, According to a Former Disney Executive

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Eva Steortz
Eva Steortz864
Disney Executive Turned Executive Coach
There is tons of advice out there about when you should leave a job. However, there’s not a lot of advice about when you should stay. 

Our experience with the pandemic has left most of us eager to reprioritize and ensure we are living our best life. While this is an excellent idea, quitting a job before you have thought through the pros, cons and future possibilities is not wise. 

We all deserve a fulfilling career as part of our happy life. People are leaving their jobs for lots of good reasons. It might be time for you. However, there might be actions you can take to create whatever change you are seeking without leaving your current role. 

Before you choose to go, consider all the reasons why you should stay.

Here are three potential scenarios and what you should try before you quit:

1. You feel stretched beyond your comfort zone.

If you are questioning whether you have what it takes to succeed, remember this: imposter syndrome is something we all feel.

Don’t let stretching stress you out. See this as a major opportunity to grow.

Get proactive and resourceful. Learn what you need to know. Try reading, watching YouTube videos, taking a course, getting a mentor or hiring a coach.

Successful people leverage their strengths and find resources to overcome their weaknesses. The secret is not quitting; it’s strategically filling the gaps and stepping forward into your power.

2. You see game-changing solutions clearly.

Don’t leave if you see the challenges and potential solutions very clearly. This is when your leadership can truly shine. For instance, if everyone is burning out, can you work with your team on finding ways to prioritize? Can you simply stop doing some of the work that is not really moving business forward? Can you focus on process improvements? Perhaps hiring additional support or outsourcing some of the work is an option. 

Before you leave, you should at least try expressing ideas and offering to champion needed change that could support you and everyone else’s success. 

3. Your boss supports you and you love the people.

Having a motivating boss that has your back is a major career plus. Being surrounded by a team you love working with is also such a gift. Many of us consider the relationships we cultivate the real measure of success in our careers. 

If you are learning, have ideas of how to create needed changes, and you have a boss and team you can rally, you could be facing one of the biggest opportunities of your career.

Don’t go before you give your boss and teammates a chance to support and implement needed changes.

In Summary

Don’t leave a job if the good outweighs the bad. Consider what changes you can create right where you are. 

If you have a chance to grow with a supportive boss, a team you love and you have game-changing ideas, you owe it to yourself and everyone else to stay. Don’t quit until you at least try. You may be able to create a dream-come-true career for you and others too. 

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This article was written by a Fairygodboss contributor.