3 Surefire Signs Changing Career Paths Would Be a Mistake

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Picking a career is arguably one of the most difficult parts of being an adult. After all, chances are you spend 40+ hours a week at your job, which is a lot of time to devote to doing something that you don’t particularly enjoy. So, how can you be sure you’re doing what you're supposed to be doing professionally?

In today’s job market, it’s no longer a necessity to pursue a career that’s directly connected to your college major. And thank goodness, because how many people know what they want to do for the rest of their lives when they’re 18 years old? But if you’re wondering whether the career path you're on right now is truly the correct one for you, consider these surefire signs that you’re in the right industry.

1. You’re eager to talk about your job with anyone who will listen.

When meeting someone for the first time, the conversation will inevitably turn to what each person does for a living. If you’re busting at the seams to share your profession and discuss the ins and outs of what that entails, you’re in the right industry. Similarly, if you jump at the chance to help job seekers learn more about what you do so they can follow in your footsteps, chances are you’re doing what you’re meant to do.

2. You find yourself actively seeking information about your industry in your free time.

Most jobs require us to stay up to speed on what’s going on in our chosen industry so we can capitalize on key trends or leverage new insights. For some, this comes with the territory, but isn’t particularly thrilling. But for others, this is second nature and is one of the most exciting aspects of work—so much so that it doesn’t feel like work. Whether you’re an accountant who’s psyched to learn about a new software program, a nutritionist who eagerly digs into the latest dietary research or anything in between, if you’re actively looking for information on your industry in your spare time, the odds are good it’s the right one for you.

3. You go to sleep (or wake up) excited to work on projects.

There are plenty of times when our to-do lists preoccupy our thoughts. And annoyingly, this trend tends to happen when we’re trying to fall asleep. But if your train of thought isn’t “I can’t forget to do X...” but “I can’t wait to do X!,” it’s likely you’re in the right industry. Similarly, if you wake up excited to tackle a project or even just to get a jump on the workday: congratulations—you’ve chosen well!

The old adage says that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. And if any of the above signs describe you, you’ve found the right industry.

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