3 Ways Successful People Reinvent Themselves, According to a Transitional Life Coach

3 Ways Successful People Reinvent Themselves, According to a Transitional Life Coach


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Randi Levin258
Legacy catalyst, decision diva & pivot partner
May 25, 2024 at 1:54PM UTC

Reinventing oneself is tough work. 

That's mainly because the foundation of a good and effective pivot is based in the land of the unknown. Right now, 2021 is exactly that place and space! Which on a positive note, is precisely it’s charm and whimsy! 

On the flip side of chaos lives opportunities yet experienced. One of the biggest signs it is time for a change is a general awareness that the world is spinning a bit differently. Perhaps your life may not feel fulfilling to you right now, or you may sense a personal or professional gap between what you are doing and what you really want to do. In a world of chaos, loss and uncertainty, your focus may be scattered, so it is easier than ever to miss the whispers of opportunity and possibly get stuck in your own story. There are multiple ways to navigate new chapters, as well as to edit the chapter you are currently living. Many women miss the three essential secrets of reinvention below. Add them to your DIY arsenal.

1. Think sizzle reel.

If you have ever been embarrassed by past fails or wished that you were more like one of your friends, freeze those thoughts! Think sizzle reel instead!

Close your eyes and replay the highlights of all the amazing skills, wins, growth spurts, and the ups and downs that got you to today. No one single setback defines you. No one single success determines your overall success. You are the sum total of all the events of your life that brought you from newborn to now. Using this thought process as a power tool for what is possible and what is next in 2021, what can you tweak and start TODAY? 

It is super easy to get bogged down in what did not work, or in “less than” thoughts. So, activate your sizzle reel and dig deep to access what makes you uniquely you, and then take those revelations and pivot with them. Based on the highlights of this brand called you, what change is possible?

2. Seek alignment, not balance.

The number one thing that most working women want is balance. Yet, balance at its best is a juggling act involving the task of keeping too many glass balls up in the air at once and not breaking them! The idea of balance indicates from the start that there is a problem, an error, a need for equal parts in a set order to survive and thrive. Balance separates all aspects of your life and requires you to give up your control of situations in order to chase the constant motion of chaos. Balance is the dirty little secret that women hang onto, envisioning that it will solve all their woes and gift them clarity and success. Balance is not the solution; it is the problem.

Instead of searching for balance, connect instead to alignment. Alignment puts you in control of today. There are no glass balls in play, no chasing after things, only choices that fit with who you are in real time now, working not off a pre-arranged script, but from the power of the moment. Alignment is about choice and control; it is about what aspects of your life fit each day. Alignment connects you to yourself (head, heart and gut) and to the most important elements of your life in a solution-focused way. Alignment is about your relationship to yourself and to the aspects of your day that you decide fit together. Alignment is not a one and done decision, but a daily mindfulness connection unique to you, because it changes and flexes as you do. 

3. Pen a "Book of Choices."

Grab a notebook and create a Book of Choices. Every day, make an updated list of the decisions you need to make that day. Keep in mind that this represents you in a 360-degree view, which means that your decisions span both the personal and professional aspects of your life. Write your upcoming choices down as if you already own the outcome you desire. Then dig deeper. Something may seem as if it does not have another vantage point or solution available, yet if you examine the situation further, you may very well extract a different angle or perspective that can change everything. 
Don’t allow your choices to be blocked or hindered by fear or excuses. Doing this each day will support you in creating a habit of choice so that you are making decisions and taking actions that are purposeful and on target with your goals. At the end of each day log in all of the choices and decisions you actually made that day. Did you do the things you said that you would? What differed? Once a week flip through the pages of your book and reconcile your story! Did the action steps and decisions you outlined get you closer to your goals? Where has this put you in more control allowing you to recalibrate what is next?

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