4 Reasons Why Superstar Employees Are Quitting Their Jobs Before 2022

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Laura Berlinsky-Schine2.3k
April 15, 2024 at 9:15AM UTC

The Great Resignation is putting fear in the hearts of employers around the world. But for workers, this is a tremendous opportunity. Now, many job seekers can look for opportunities that really speak to their passions and values, as opposed to ones that just pay the bills. Because of the high demand for talent across numerous industries, would-be employees are better equipped to achieve the flexibility they crave and negotiate for the salaries they deserve, among other benefits.

From an employer’s perspective, this is understandably alarming. In order to hold onto talented employees, it’s important to understand the reasons why so many workers are seeking out new opportunities.

1. They feel undervalued.

Employees who don’t feel valued at work are more than likely unhappy with their current situations. Perhaps they’re not being paid at the level they believe they deserve, or maybe they’re not trusted to take on high-level responsibilities despite their loyalty to the business.

If you want your employees to feel valued in their roles, it’s important to ask yourself whether you’re affording them the trust and responsibility they need to feel comfortable and content in their jobs. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they seek out opportunities with employers who do value them and their talents?

2. Their bosses micromanage them.

More than a few of us have dealt with micromanaging bosses. These managers seem to always be standing over our shoulders, telling us how, exactly, we should be doing tasks — even when we’re fully competent to do them on our own — and even redoing work that’s already of high quality. 

Many managers have this tendency. It could stem from a high need for control or insecurity that they’re dispensable and a talented employee could replace them if they allow them to outperform them. If you’re a manager who sees these qualities in yourself, remember that an employee’s excellent work is a reflection on you, too, and that in order to hold onto top talent, you need to cultivate skills and support your employees.

3. They’re overworked.

Sure, the occasional extra assignment here and there isn’t terribly unreasonable. But if employees are constantly bombarded with work after hours, are given unrealistic due dates on assignments and are contacted at all hours of the day, including when the time is supposed to be theirs to unwind, it’s only natural that they will quickly succumb to burnout.

Burned-out employees, naturally, aren’t going to stay in situations that aren’t good for them and their physical and mental health. Piling on the work will actually cause productivity to suffer and lead to employees seeking opportunities where they have more freedom and flexibility.

4. They’re not growing.

Those who feel stuck in their roles are, understandably, unsatisfied at the very least. They're frustrated and exhausted with the limits to their responsibilities. This extends beyond promotions, although that's often part of why employees feel held back at work. A lack of growth opportunities can also mean that workers don't feel challenged in their roles and are bored with the limitations of their responsibilities. 

As an employer, you should provide your employees with ample opportunities to grow in their roles. If it's impossible, perhaps you can find new roles at your organization, ones in which they can be creative and utilize their real talents. This will be beneficial to both the employee and your entire organization, which can more than likely leverage these talents.

Recognize you and your employees on this list? Then it's time to reassess your strategies and reconsider the strides you can take to keep the talent at your organization.

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