4 Reasons Why This Company is a Great Place for Women to Work

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Photo Courtesy of Quicken Loans.

Photo Courtesy of Quicken Loans.

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April 20, 2024 at 1:10PM UTC

Some might say Quicken Loans has the “it” factor that women who are looking for a new job or reentering the workforce seek. What is “it,” though? Maybe it’s the culture that encourages career growth or the opportunity to work on a team that’s more like a family. Let’s find out from a few of their team members exactly what “it” is. 

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1. Family Focus

No matter what stage of family life you find yourself in, Quicken Loans provides its team members with helpful resources every step of the way. One example is monthly groups, which offers support on a handful of topics, including postpartum adjustment, parents of children with additional needs and single parents. 

Another way Quicken Loans differentiates itself is on-site child care, which Erin McMyn, Team Leader, Communications, says has a handful of benefits. 

“It’s so great to have my son so close,” McMyn said. “It makes it so much easier if he gets sick and just the peace of mind of knowing I can pop in anytime during the day and be welcomed is nice.”

“An added benefit is that it gives us some extra quality time that we’d miss out on if he was in a center near the house.”

2. Team Member Resource Networks (TMRNs) and Women’s Conferences

Quicken Loans is committed to building a strong, inclusive community to empower and inspire women by celebrating their accomplishments and growing careers while creating mentorship opportunities. That’s why the Professional Women’s Network: Detroit Chapter TMRN was created. 

Women team members are also encouraged to attend conferences in order to network with other women, listen to inspirational speakers and build upon their skills. Lindsay Brown, Team Leader, Client Experience Operations, has taken advantage of two conferences to date. 

“The conferences are always filled with engaging panel discussions with women from all different walks of life,” Brown said. “It’s inspiring to hear the real and raw story of someone who has shattered the glass ceiling.” 

With so many great conferences out there, Brown said one of the most difficult decision is choosing which ones to attend. 

“I always start by looking inward and asking myself questions like, ‘Are there things I need to work on and what skills can I polish and sharpen?’ and let the answers to these questions guide me to a conference,” Brown said. 

3. Continuing Education

Quicken Loans offers multiple avenues to assist in career development, one of which is tax-free education reimbursement for degree-based programs, certificates, seminars, workshops or individual courses. Full-time team members can receive up to $5,250 annually or up to $2,625 annually for part-time team members. For Tiffany Braden, Amaze U Trainer, working full time while taking classes was a challenge she couldn’t have made it through without her fellow team members. 

“They’re always encouraging and supportive of me finishing my degrees,” Braden said. “Whenever I feel like quitting, they’re always there to tell me to keep going.”

Braden, who has completed her bachelor’s degree in business, is also a military veteran. After graduating in August with her bachelor’s, she’s back in school seeking her master’s degree. 

“Both the VA and Quicken Loans have made the process of going back to school smooth,” she said. “I couldn’t have finished my bachelor’s and started my master’s without the two.”

4. Fertility Benefits and Adoption Assistance  

Quicken Loans team members who are thinking about growing their family are eligible for special benefits. One benefit includes fertility coverage, which covers certain types of fertility treatments and medications. Another benefit includes adoption assistance. Full-time team members are allotted $5,000 per adoption. This money can be used on to reimburse costs, such as agency and placement fees, birth mother’s medical expenses and court costs and legal fees. 

As you can see, there’s not just one “it” factor that makes Quicken Loans a great place for women to work. The unique culture and impressive benefits easily place Quicken Loans among one of the greatest companies for women to work. 


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