4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Show Your Work Wife Some Love

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Lucky you: you have a work wife. Maybe she's the one that calls the cleaners for you when they didn't starch your shirts, or the one who calls your child's school to rearrange that parent-teacher conference. Maybe she knows a secret or two about you, like the morning you forgot your deodorant.  And now, she keeps some extra stashed in a drawer for you.  She handles a myriad of her own work tasks, while making you look good and offering you friendship along the way. And whether you admit it or not, you depend on her in that "wifey" way. 
Although Valentine's Day is an intimate holiday to celebrate the one you love, wouldn't it be nice to honor the work wife in your life? But how do you do that without overstepping the boundaries?  Here are some great ways to go about gifting  that lets your friend know how indispensable she is:  

1. Look for clues

Hopefully, you've taken the time to discover some of her personal interests. Hone in on one, and you'll be telling her that you know (and appreciate) who she really is. If your work wife's son or daughter is marrying this year, present her with a lovely picture frame for the nuptials. If she loves the ballet, two tickets to a new performance would be a very welcome gift. Ditto theater tickets. Tickets to a winery along with a great bottle of local wine? Always a win, especially if your work wife loves a glass after a long day.

2. Make it classic 

If you're coming up broke on unique ideas, you can always stick with a classic. If work wife is a known fiend for chocolate, then that could be the perfect gift. But if you decide on confections, you want to splurge on the stuff she would never buy for herself. Truffles from Belgium? Perfect! 
Flowers are a good choice, too. Again, since you're going with a fairly simple gift, go big with a lush bouquet of unique blooms. Show your work wife that you pay as much attention to detail as she does when she helps you out with those Powerpoint presentations. 
Keeping with the classic theme, you can never go wrong with gifting a book. But keep that book specific to a subject that interests her to show you get it. Don't surprise her with the latest "Shades of Whatever" book. And don't forget to inscribe it. Even something as simple and meaningful as "Thanks for all you do!" will brighten her day.

3. Make it memorable

If your work wife and her own husband enjoy fine dining, treat her to a gift certificate to a hot new city restaurant or to a local favorite she frequents. You'll gain points for thoughtfully including her loved one. By doing this, you've essentially given her a memorable night out on the town. Who wouldn't want that?

4. Make it something she'll use everyday

Would your work wife like a new tote bag or purse? A gorgeous new bag in a delicious color that's both professional and tasteful may be the perfect gift. It's something special that she will use everyday. Since this is a bit of a splurge and everyone has their own personal taste, make sure you nail down the return policy and that she knows it's ok with you if she decides to exercise the right. She'll know it's the thought that counts, and you thought BIG.
In the end,  don't underestimate the value of a nice generic note or card to be included with your gift. Like the inscription in her book, tell her how her work has helped you and let her know you appreciate her. She is your wife, at least for one part of your life. And Valentine's Day is the perfect day to tell her.

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