4 Ways My Style Changed When I Became a CEO

Photo Courtesy of Ambika Singh.

Photo Courtesy of Ambika Singh.

Ambika Singh
Ambika Singh
April 13, 2024 at 4:56PM UTC

Throughout history, warriors used tools like armor and makeup to prepare themselves both physically and mentally for battle. While we may not be storming the battlefield these days, women put on their own form of armor each morning when they get dressed. Being a female CEO comes with an endless list of challenges that requires a closet full of armor. I founded my company Armoire on this exact premise: providing women with power through the clothing they wear. Here’s how I started using my clothing as my armor when I became a CEO. 

1. I dress with intention.  

At Armoire, we call our members boss ladies — confident women who own their strength in whatever they do and support each other along the way. If my outfit doesn’t make me feel like a total boss lady, it’s not the one. Donna Karen once said: “Power dressing is designed to let the woman inside us come through,” and I couldn’t agree more. The self-assurance you absorb from your outfit radiates out of you, bringing added confidence no matter what the day throws at you. True boss lady power comes from within, regardless of what you are wearing. 

As the face of my company, I also consider how each outfit reflects the values of it as a whole. Being a boss lady is also about lifting other women up. When I need an extra confidence boost before I step into an important investor meeting, I like to wear something by one of the female-founded brands we carry. When I look in the mirror, I’m reminded of the greater purpose of my company.

2. I celebrate being a female leader with my clothes.

While Armoire is a fashion-focused end product, we are rooted in tech. It is largely data-driven, using a combination of a machine-learning algorithm and a team professional stylists to curate member’s closets. The lack of women in leadership is still a hot-button issue, but I’m proud to say we are steadily gaining ground. As a female entrepreneur, I walk into many male-dominated rooms. Instead of masking my femininity in these environments, I’ve come to celebrate it!  While it’s important to look professional and be taken seriously, I still want to feel like myself. 

3. I focus on quality.

While clothing should make you feel empowered mentally, it’s equally important to feel good physically. I have far too many things on my plate as is, and I have no time for bothersome clothing to be one of them. Our thoughts have energy, so I want to make sure my energy is going towards what really matters instead of thinking about how bad my feet hurt in heels. 

As the CEO of a clothing rental subscription company, my wardrobe is entirely rented. Having access to well-fitting, versatile pieces I love wearing makes it easier to maximize my wardrobe and makes packing a breeze. I focus on wearing pieces that travel well, can be easily layered and worn multiple times. Every woman should wear clothes that makes her feel like a total boss the moment she puts them on.  

4. I find strength through my style.

Seeing Armoire members find their confidence through their clothing inspires me each and every day to do the same. I love hearing from our members that they wore our clothes during an important moment in their lives. Whether they just landed a promotion or testified in front of Congress, I like to think a bit of each boss lady’s confidence gets passed along to the next person that rents that particular item. 

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