5 Career Milestones That Mean Way More Than a Title Change

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What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “career milestones?” You’re probably envisioning some standard accomplishment, like landing a promotion. 
There’s no doubt that being acknowledged with a title change makes every employee feel valued and great. However, this isn’t the only milestone worth celebrating. There are many other wins that are just as meaningful and special in your career, even if they don’t look like it. See if you’ve celebrated some of these landmark moments!

1. Being asked to travel for work.

This milestone is a favorite with Anna Crowe, founder and CEO of Crowe PR. It’s also the only milestone on this list that includes mileage!
Think about your first business trip. Maybe you hit the road to drive for a conference or flew on a plane. Perhaps you visited a new city in the same state or traveled to a new state. You packed your bags, stayed at a hotel for a few days, and maybe even received permission to order room service. It’s a big responsibility to be trusted to travel for work. You are able to represent the company and enjoy the change of pace that comes with it.

2. Being able to answer hard questions.

Regardless of your title, nobody starts a new job with an innate understanding of how the company works inside and out. There’s always a bit of a learning curve to navigate and plenty of questions to ask in the beginning. As time progresses, you get the hang of what’s going on and become an expert.
The big milestone is the moment when the tables turn. Kellie Sirna, the co-founder of Studio 11 Design, says a great milestone to be proud of is the first time colleagues turn to you with tough questions. Remember that once you didn’t have the answers, but now you do. It’s time to pay it forward!
“This is an opportunity to establish yourself as a leader, mentor, and friend,” Sirna says. “This signifies you’ve opened the door to many opportunities to nourish long-lasting relationships with your coworkers.”

3. Giving your first promotion.

Do you know what’s better than getting a promotion? The day you’re in the position to give someone else on your team their first promotion! 
Jenna Richardson, a founding partner of Career Cooperative, loves this milestone because it shows off your people management skills. When the team succeeds, everyone succeeds. As a leader, it’s exciting to acknowledge the individuals you nurtured that helped contribute to that success.

4. The first time you receive constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism may not seem like a milestone, but it definitely is one. Sirna says that the first time you’re given constructive criticism can be an extremely valuable moment in your career.
“When your employer takes time to point out areas for improvement or give you advice, it can mean they’re very interested in your growth,” Sirna says. “Sometimes the toughest conversations can be the most rewarding ones.”

5. Creating something new. 

This can be anything from an event to a social media presence on a platform where your company didn’t have prior visibility. Establishing a new process or means of doing something takes a lot of hard work to do. It means working with and empowering other members of the team, keeping everyone accountable and taking a lot of time and energy to complete the task. Keep with it! See it through to the moment when it’s live and be proud of what you were able to push yourself to achieve!

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