5 Reasons Women Love Working at This Top-Ranking Tech Company

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In 2018, it’s fashionable to be feminist. But often, despite talk of diversity and inclusion, companies fall short of actually implementing positive change. This can be especially true in the technology industry, where nearly 80% of the workforce is male.

But one tech company is taking charge and making inclusion a priority — both for itself and the entire internet.

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AppNexus is a global internet technology company that employs around 1,000 people in 26 cities. It operates the world’s largest independent marketplace for digital advertising and has an ambitious mission: to create a better internet by creating a more diverse workforce and global inclusive culture. For AppNexus, this work starts… well, at work. Here are five reasons why women love working at AppNexus.

1. AppNexus offers amazing benefits...

AppNexus has great benefits for all women. Women get 12 paid weeks of paid maternity leave, a child care subsidy of $1,000, and, when they return to work, access to lactation rooms.
There’s also a company-wide network for parents that “creates programs that engage our families with the AppNexus family, and seeks to promote a healthy and balanced work-life harmony.”
One way AppNexus promotes work-life balance for all employees (including parents)? The company offers flexible work policies and provides employees meaningful tools to make working from home easy, such as video conferencing materials.
AppNexus offers 401(k) matching, affordable healthcare benefits, and elder care options.

2. … And tons of PTO

According to studies, we’re happier and more productive when we take consistent time off. And AppNexus takes this to heart. The average employee gets 15 days of PTO, according to Fairygodboss data.
On top of that, the office is completely closed the week of July 4th and the week between Christmas and New Years. That’s plenty of time to spend your new salary on a vacation or two.

3. AppNexus values diverse hiring

The company makes it a priority to “create the right conditions internally so that women and other underrepresented groups feel included and set up for success” in its offices. So far, this effort has certainly paid off. AppNexus was rated the #2 best technology company for women and the #7 best overall company for women in 2018 by Fairygodboss users.
AppNexus offers Equality Resource Groups for several communities at the company, including “BlackNexus” for Black employees, the “AppNexus Latino Alliance” for Latinx employees, “OutNexus” for employees in the LGBTQIA+ community, and “OyNexus” for Jewish employees.
There’s also an ERG for women. The AppNexus Women's Network (AWN) hopes to “personal and professional growth through networking and educational events driven by the interests of the women at AppNexus, and to positively impact AppNexus' culture by feeding back its recommendations across the company. “

4. AppNexus values female mentorship

Overwhelmingly, women commend AppNexus’ strong female leadership and efforts to ensure there are no hurdles for women (including mothers) to work their way up the ranks.
“Everything about this company has reminded me that I am a strong woman in tech,” one woman wrote on Fairygodboss. “Even my interview process was amazing. My interviews were held by all women. The team I ended up joining is noticeably female and tech-centric. It's an inspiring place to work, and I'm surrounded by strong female role models.”
Each year, the company hosts “The AppNexus Women's Leadership Forum” which invites “current and aspiring leaders in the global digital community” to speak on issues facing women in the industry. In 2017, more than 260 female leaders attended the conference.

5. Plus, AppNexus has a great CEO

If you believe good things in a company start at the top, AppNexus is one of the best places you can be. Brian O’Kelley, who serves as CEO, has been ranked #2 in the country for his diversity efforts by Fairygodboss users. Nearly 96% of AppNexus reviewers believe their CEO supports gender diversity and 89% would recommend the company to other women.
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