5 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Wait to Apply to This Growing Tech Company

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April 16, 2024 at 11:57PM UTC

Asana is a software that helps teams coordinate and manage their work. And while the team that builds and manages this software may be dedicated to improving other workplaces, they’re also quite dedicated to building an amazing workplace of their own. With all the growth Asana has been experiencing, the company is looking for new members to join its thriving team.

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Asana was voted a Glassdoor Best Place to Work in 2017 and 2018, one of Inc.’s 2018 Best Workplaces of 2018, and an Entrepreneur Magazine Top Company Culture. But it is an especially great place to work for women. Here are five reasons women should apply to Asana A.S.A.P. 

1. Asana values flexible work-life balance….

Asana offers flexible work options to all its employees, allowing them to make their own in-office schedules while encouraging some kind of face time between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. This lets employees come and go as fits with their personal lives.That 3 p.m. dentist appointment, 4 p.m. cycling class or 10 a.m. elementary school talent show is a go. 

The organization also has an untracked vacation policy. Every employee is responsible for taking the time they need, but days off aren’t counted by managers. We call that the perfect way to take that trip you’ve been planning. 

2. ...and offers amazing benefits.

It would be impossible to rank Asana’s generous employees benefits, because they are all top-notch. Asana pays 100 percent of insurance premiums, provides commuter benefits and rideshare credits, and offers a paid sabbatical after three years. 

If you’re a mother (or you’re thinking about becoming one), Asana offers 4 months of paid parental and adoptive leave, and has two mother’s rooms on-site. All Asana employees are also given access to Carrot, a fertility health and education benefit that makes it easy to access quality fertility care tailored to each individual’s family planning and preservation needs. 

3. Asana’s leadership team genuinely cares about employees’ development.

“We have a very open and communicative environment that encourages transparency, feedback, and growth on not just a professional level, but a personal one as well,” one employee wrote on Fairygodboss. “Every employee has access to formal mentorship, peer mentorship, an external network of life coaches, and workshops on a variety of topics, like communication. People are encouraged to attend workshops and conferences.”

Yes, you read that right. All Asana employees benefit from free executive coaching, peer mentorship and managers who are focused on personal and professional growth instead of crunching numbers. 

4. Wellness is a large part of Asana’s culture.

Asana’s dedication to wellness shows. The company offers several benefits to support employees’ health, including an on-site yoga studio, gym membership reimbursements and three (nutritious!) catered meals a day. 

The organization also values mindfulness in its approach to everyday professionalism

“Established from the earliest days, Asana has mindfulness as a core value,” one reviewer wrote. “This is apparent in the culture, long-term vision, and daily interactions... Needs and concerns are addressed immediately and professionally, and there is a wealth of outlets to express thoughts or concerns.”

5. Most importantly, Asana fosters a supportive and diverse environment.

Asana is not a place wheret you need to worry about being treated equally to white men. One-hundred percent of women who left reviews of the company say women are treated fairly and equally to men, and 100 percent of women say they would recommend Asana to other women. 

Reviewers have said that Asana is “committed to diversity and inclusion at a core level” and have credited their women’s ERG, AsanaWomen, with creating an inclusive and supportive community of women at the company. 


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