5 Things Smart People Do in Q1 to Set Themselves Up for Success All Year Long

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Charlitta Crowder Hatch51
July 20, 2024 at 2:51PM UTC
We've all heard the saying "a dream without a plan is just a wish.” 
In my experience to turn those wishes into dreams — both personally and professionally — you must have a plan to ensure the year doesn’t pass you by. A lack of a plan exposes you to getting to the end of the year and wondering, “where did the time go?” To mitigate that, it’s even more important to start the year off right — particularly Q1.  
Here are 5 simple steps for successfully kicking off your 1st quarter, or, roughly, what I call "the first 100 days:"

1. Develop your roadmap for the upcoming year. 

What do you want to accomplish this year? How would you like to end the year feeling?

2. Document your roadmap for the upcoming year.

Write out your goals in a measurable way, and create a vision board to keep you moving.

3. Determine what you must do in the first quarter of the year to end the year successful.

Break up your goal into digestible portions. Small victories along the way are key! Implementing good behaviors and habits that lead to your goals will start your plan off right.

4. Identify an accountability approach.

Set aside time on your calendar to check in on your progress, and discuss your goals with someone that can hold you accountable.

5. Continue to refine your goals.

Be open to adjusting your plan. Give yourself grace if you do not hit the goal, but plan to make it up in the next quarter.
By being intentional on your plans for the year — with an emphasis on Q1 — you are creating the year that you want for your personal and professional life. Staying consistent with those goals for the first 100 days increases your ability to remain steadfast throughout the rest of the year, and will ultimately help you end the year with a sense of accomplishment. 

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