5 Ways Successful Women Get Their Boss to Notice Their Work — Even While Working Remotely

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Jane Rebeca10
June 19, 2024 at 9:44AM UTC

Thanks to the ongoing global health crisis, many companies have effectively transitioned to remote working arrangements. While working virtually has its perks, it can be challenging to focus on career development with so many distractions — whether it’s a difficulty setting boundaries between work and your personal life, or being in a home that’s a little less conducive for concentration. Furthermore, connecting with your peers and superiors is a completely different experience when you’re not operating in the same physical space. Fortunately, career development doesn't have to stop simply because you're at home.

If you’re looking to advance your career while working remotely, here are five tips below to help you find success.

1. Express your most authentic self

There’s more to getting that promotion than just performing well. You also have to show your bosses and superiors that you embrace your true self and acknowledge your vulnerabilities. When you show up as your most authentic self at work, you create a ripple effect that gives your peers permission to live authentically, too. This can create a work environment where everyone feels welcome and engaged.

In a remote work setting, expressing your true self doesn’t mean showing up to video calls in your pajamas. Instead, don't be afraid to make small talk with your co-workers and throw out a mid-day "how are you?". And if there’s something that’s on your mind, be open to asking questions and don't keep it to yourself. People always appreciate transparency and being genuine.

2. Use remote working tools to your advantage

Anyone can use remote working tools, but not everybody knows how to use them efficiently. With the right techniques, you can leverage technology to showcase your leadership skills and readiness to adapt. For instance, you can put more effort into planning and executing your virtual meetings by using digital polls and interactive chat rooms. These will make your presentation more engaging, too.

Additionally, you can promote more engagement through business communication platforms such as Slack and Blink by using bots that automate certain processes, send reminders and much more. By knowing how to use remote working tools to their fullest, you show your superiors that you’re ready to take on the challenges of this new working arrangement.

3. Invest in education

Even if you’ve graduated from college, learning is a continuous process — especially as most in-demand skills today require additional courses that are only taught by specialized schools. Plus, more skills will give you an edge compared to other professionals who may be gunning for the same career goals as you. While the pandemic has caused most schools to close their doors temporarily, you can still take online degrees and certifications from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, you can go on to hone your managerial skills and real-world knowledge if you take practical degrees like online MBAs. The courses are 100% online which makes them ideal for anyone who is still working, as they won’t have to spend time on campus. In fact, research shows that MBA grads have better skills compared to business undergrads, and they have a significantly better grasp of leadership than those who have graduate degrees in other fields like social sciences, humanities, and even law. Aside from gaining useful insight to help you stand out in your organization, you’ll also be able to make meaningful connections and learn from your peers by investing in your education.

4. Seize every opportunity

If you’re looking to get promoted or transferred to a better position, it helps to prove that you’re present and interested in the company as a whole. See if you can spot areas at work where you can be of help. Just be sure to communicate it in a manner that isn't too imposing and comes from a place of genuine interest.

Moreover, you have to take risks and show your boss and peers that you’re willing to step up to more challenging roles, even when working from home. You can always reach out to your supervisor and let them know about your goals, so they can help you carve out a development path for you.

5. Try to grow your network

The lack of physical offices and work events has made it more difficult to create and maintain professional connections. Those who want to further their careers must learn to build strong, professional relationships in the digital sphere. This means trying to keep an open dialogue with everyone and setting aside time to work equally with other teams ⁠— all while recognizing that you’re limited by remote working tools. So, try to make the most of it and go the extra mile to communicate and collaborate with those that can help you advance your position in the office.

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