Without These 6 Soft Skills, It's Nearly Impossible to Get Hired as a Woman in Tech

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Lindsey Patterson19

When it comes to the vibrant tech world, some non-technical skills are more prized than others. It is also true that some soft skills can make or break your tech career — and you obviously don’t want the "break" happening.  Here are some of the essential, must-have soft skills for tech personnel:

1. Communication skills.

As tech personnel, you’re likely to develop systems and application programs that will probably end up being used in the business world. That means one thing: you will have to polish your communication skills and be able to engage in conversations with anyone in a company set-up, whether it’s the CEO or the assistant at the reception desk.

Not only should you be able to put across tech-oriented ideas to others easily, but also listen and show that you understand what other people tell you. Importantly, it would help if you showed your clients that you are always willing to share their views and consider them.

2. Organization skills.

Like any other dynamic and competitive sector, the technology industry is focused on deliverables. That means that things ought to be done in a systematic and orderly manner, with a clear vision of what to expect as the end product. Competence in planning and organization is essential to help you maneuver the demanding project deadlines, competing for project tasks as well as the many priorities that you’ll be required to handle.

These soft skills are crucial in helping you showcase the ability to anticipate challenges while putting in place contingency measures to counter them.

3. Teamwork abilities.

As is the notion out there, the tech Industry is full of introvert persons who tend to work alone. However, it is important to understand that most employers greatly value teamwork and are right up there in their wish lists.

Working in a team set-up means two things: that you can step back and help a fellow coder, or even step forth and lead the pack. Collaboration breeds efficiency irrespective of the task at hand. Moreover, if team members are working from distinct physical locations, it is important to collaborate and brainstorm on ideas so that deliverables or source codes are handled with ease. This is particularly viable where there’s a gap in skillset.

4. Creativity.

If you want to be part of a large corporate business as part of the technology team, you need to be able to forge new solutions whenever you’re presented with a problem. This means that you have to be visionary and crafty. You should also be able to brainstorm on alternatives to come up with better solutions for every ‘what-if’ scenario.

5. Determination.

Sheer drive, enthusiasm and motivation are key soft traits if you ever dream of having a successful career in tech. The industry is very dynamic and this means that a variety of challenges are likely to come your way. You should be able to tame and face such setbacks with vigor while always remaining positive for a brighter future. Things are always bound to get tough, and as a budding professional, you need to embrace an enthusiastic persona to have a chance of lasting in the industry.

6. Problem solving skills.

This line of work involves facing new problems every other day. Essentially, you need to be armed with the ability to isolate and define a problem on time. What’s more, you should be able to collect relevant info and construct a set of solutions for every problem instance, just as TLS does. 

Soft skills are fundamental if you’re to have a successful career in the technological realm. What’s more, recruiters and HR managers are always looking to hire technologists with ample soft skills.