6 Things Your Work Husband Will Do For You That Your Real Husband Won't


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Laura Lifshitz via Working Mother
Laura Lifshitz via Working Mother
April 17, 2024 at 9:12AM UTC
While you love your husband dearly and wouldn’t trade him for a hottie with six-pack abs, there’s something extra-special about your work husband.
Your what?
Your work husband. You know. Your male work BFF. The man around the office who you are not hooking up with (oh, no-no-no, ladies), but who makes your life at work infinitely better?
Sure, he might not make your heart skip a beat quite like your Original & Official Husband (OOH), but he is pretty damn great, and you sort of wish that Double O-H would take a few hints from your work husband counterpart, like:

1. Notice Your Haircuts

He might not know a highlight from a lowlight, but an observant work husband can tell your hair is different from the second you set foot into the office. It’s not that he’s a better guy than your real-life husband, but that he’s got to keep you cheery or life at the office will suck much more for him. Plus, amongst the drab corporate life, what else does he have to notice besides a billion memos and emails?

2. Order Your Coffee Like You Do

OOH will make your coffee in the morning … maybe. If he remembers. Most likely though, a child is annoying him or refusing to get ready for school, or he’s in his own panic rushing to work. Mr. Work Husband’s kids (if he’s got any) are away when he's at the office. That means he can pay extra-special attention to your inane coffee requests like, no sugar vanilla syrup, but of course, whole milk. Or that you take a shot of espresso before your first coffee cup. Yup, he shows up like an office cabana boy each and every time!

3. Soothe Your “Moods”

Sure, the hubby does his best to tip-toe around you when you're stressed or upset. But your work husband knows just what to say or do. He’ll take you on a brief walk so you don’t lose it during a major meeting. He’ll drop off a piece of chocolate at your desk to prevent a mini-meltdown from affecting your (or his) workload. He’s just dang great at putting out those emotional fires that work just happens to bring out in you.

4. Support Your Choices

So the OOH has to pay bills with you and keep life afloat with kids. Your work hubby doesn’t have that pressure, so he can fully support all your choices, even if they’re completely impractical because he wants to see you happy. He can also give you the thumbs-up over ridiculous fashion choices you might make. What does he care? He doesn’t have to sleep with you. If you’ve decided that your yoga pants count as business wear or fancy going-out attire, it doesn't hurt him one bit to nod and smile.

5. End That Fight

Let’s say you and your IRL hubby have a fight. You live together. The fight could go on, conceivably, for years. Decades even. With the work hubby? Fights have to end on Friday, at the latest, when the office doors close. If he doesn’t get it straightened out with you, he knows that work will be another level of hell that he doesn’t need. You’ll get apologies with ease from the work hubs.

6. Pick Your Side

So sometimes, when you and the MIL butt heads, your real husband sort of stands there and thinks, “Oh crap. Now what?” But your work hubby only has to back you up in the employment world—and not at the expense of his own mother. So his loyalty is fierce; he wouldn’t want his work wife looking shabby or getting attacked over her work. It might make him look bad too.
Chances are, the work hubby is a regular ol’ knight-in-shining armor at the copy machine, in meetings and even the cafeteria. Just don't lose sight of the fact that it's pretty easy for him to be this way, and it behooves him!
This article originally appeared on WorkingMother.com.

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