6 Ways Successful Women Bounce Back After Endless Job Rejections

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Anna Medina51
June 24, 2024 at 3:25PM UTC

Applying for and getting a rejection can be very disheartening and hard to handle. It’s even more difficult to take when you’ve gotten dozens of job rejections. You believe you’re highly qualified, you’ve done exceptionally well in an interview and you’re optimistic about getting the job. But for some reason you just never get a yes, and it feels harder and harder to keep pushing through.

You’re not alone. And the beautiful part is that those stories of rejection often have a silver lining at the end. To help you navigate through rejection, here are tips to help you cope and bounce back — and some famous rejections examples that might inspire you.

1. It isn’t happening to just you.

First, you can take a bit of comfort knowing you’re not in this alone. Several women have suffered different forms of job rejections. Even some celebrities we see as successful today have had their fair share of job rejections in the past. You’re in good company! For example, Oprah Winfrey, who now has a net worth of $2.7 billion, got fired from her first TV job. 

It’s okay to ask for help from other women who have experienced multiple job rejections. Such conversions can make you feel better and guide you on how to navigate the future. 

2. Don’t take it personally.

When a job rejection letter comes in, don’t take it as a statement about you personally. In the present cut-throat job market, employers make tough decisions based on the candidate they believe is best suited for the role — not the one they like the most. While your personality matters, your experience is what will move you forward in the application process.

3. Don’t give up.

Sometimes rejection makes you lose interest in not just your professional life, but also your personal life. It’s okay to acknowledge pain and dejection after a job rejection, but don’t let it linger for too long. Your body and mind need to harmonize to have a successful life, so once you’ve felt your pain, don’t let rejection weigh you down. Successful fashion designer Vera Wang got passed over for Vogue’s editor-in-chief position, but she did not let that deter her. She went on to create one of the most successful bridal gowns and designer ready-to-wear lines.

4. Consider your approach.

Successful women who have suffered job rejections know when it’s time to do some self-analysis. You can begin by reaching out to the hiring manager to ask for constructive feedback. Then, start to reflect. Are you applying for jobs within your core competencies? Does your frustration and tone show in subsequent job applications and interviews? 

You may want to make use of a professional writing review service to give your job application a more professional tone. You might want to try closing your knowledge gaps by taking courses or getting certifications. Whatever you do, remember to keep working on yourself and focusing on your strengths.

5. Dare to be bold and don’t take no for an answer.

Sometimes it pays to be bold and not accept rejection. A perfect example is real estate mogul and investor Barbara Corcoran who tried to be a judge on ”Shark Tank.” She got the job and then lost it to another female entrepreneur. Corcoran did not accept rejection; she got the job back by writing to the production team and telling them how they’d lose out if she wasn’t hired. Show others that you’re an asset and that rejecting your job application will be their loss.

6. Keep on searching for the right opportunity.

You might be familiar with the J.K. Rowling’s rejection story while trying to get her Harry Potter book series published. The series was rejected 12 times before Bloomsbury picked it up to publish. Years later, she also got multiple rejections while looking for a publisher for her Cormoran Strike detective series.  After dozens of rejections, she kept the momentum going till she found the right opportunity. 

Getting a job rejection over and over is never easy to deal with. However, remember that the challenge is not unique to you. Others have experienced the same rejections and have drawn from their strengths to rise to success. Using their rejection stories as fuel and inspiration can help you learn more about your inner strengths — and land a position that’ll lead to long-term success and a healthy work-life balance.


Anna is a specialist in different types of writing. A recent graduate from the Interpreters Department,  she now improves her language skills while working at writing service review websites Pick The Writer and Writing Judge to assist students all over the world. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

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