6 Ways to Network on Social Media That You Haven't Thought of Yet

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Natasha M. Nurse
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Charlene Li once said: “Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversation – and it’s happening with or without you.”

Does social media take up a large part of your day? Since I was in college at Penn State, I can’t remember a day that I wasn’t on social media. As a writer, content creator, influencer, coach, radio personality, and podcaster, social media has played a big role with me sharing my message to the world. With so many people using social media, it is important to find innovative ways to leverage social media for your personal and professional goals. Have you considered these six ways to network on social media?  

1. Joining a group on Meetup.

Are you a part of a Meetup Group? If not, you need to join one. You can not only take advantage of the events hosted by people with similar interests, but you can also message and connect with the other members, set up calls, and create the opportunity for yourself to learn about others you are interested in networking with.  

2. Joining Facebook Pages, Groups & Events. 

It surprises me that to this day, many people are not fully utilizing Facebook. Whether it is joining a book club, liking a Facebook page, or "attending" an events listing, there are so many opportunities to connect with like-minded folks on the largest and most popular social media platform. 

3. Attending Eventbrite Events.

If you are like me, then you love Eventbrite. Literally, I enjoy checking out events on a weekly or monthly basis to stay abreast of what is going on in the world. Not only can you RSVP for these events, but you should take advantage of connecting with the organizers. Their contact information is right there/ Maybe you want to know more about the attendees, or get more involved with the event itself. It is totally possible to put yourself out there on this platform!

4. Leveraging LinkedIn Groups & Events.

If you don’t know why LinkedIn is a such an important networking tool, then you have been living under a rock. There are several ways to use the platform in innovative ways, but one of my favorites is leveraging LinkedIn Groups and Events to connect with even more people. 

5. Connecting with bloggers and their followings.

Are there blogs that you love and follow? Have you ever reached out to the blogger to connect and discuss ways to collaborate? Or, have you ever connected with other followers on that blog or the blogger’s social media platforms? If not, what are you waiting for? Having a mutual passion for someone's work is a great way to get a conversation started with someone you'd like to connect with. 

6. Making Twitter lists.

Are you a fan of Twitter? Are you familiar with Twitter lists? Do you have one yourself? If not, I encourage you to take the time to familiarize yourself with them by creating your own and exploring other lists. As you up your twitter game, you will be probably surprised with how easy it is to find new folks in your industry who are following the same trends and news stories as you are. It's an easy and instant way to strike up real conversation with a new connection.

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Natasha Nurse started  Dressing Room 8 to provide a web-based resource where women can gain personal and professional empowerment through her fashion and lifestyle focused blog. She is the Lifestyle Editor for Plus Model Magazine, a Program Coordinator for Long Island Girl Talk, and she co-hosts a podcast with her husband called WokeNFree. Follow Natasha on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus.