7 Hard Lessons the Most Successful People Learn By 35

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Leah Thomas866

If you feel like you're stuck in a rut in the workplace, your relationship, or life in general, don't worry. We're here to help you get ahead in this game called life. 

Below, we've outlined seven lessons that most people who've hit major success milestones before the age of 35 have made a point of learning. These are the lessons they don't teach you in school, and they're not always the easiest to stomach. But if you prioritize learning them now versus later, the spillover effect on your life and career could yield some pretty impressive results. 

1. It’s okay to ask for advice.

Sometimes we let our fear of looking unprepared or ill informed keep us from asking for help. But the secret is out: more often than not, everyone else also has no idea what they are doing. Do not be afraid to ask for advice, whether in the workplace, at home or in life in general. Search for a person who you admire and ask for their help. 

2. Dedicate a certain amount of your week to alone time.

You are constantly doing things for others: your partner, your children, your siblings, your boss, etc. You deserve some “me” time. Dedicate a specific day and time during the week to do what you want to do. If it becomes part of your weekly routine, you are more likely to actually follow through. Go for a run, catch up on your favorite blog, order take-out and give yourself a facial. Do only what you want to do.

3. Choose what you dedicate your energy to.

You’ve heard the term “pick and choose your battles.” This is great life advice. You only have so much time and energy to give, and certain issues are simply just not worth it. Decide which fights are worth having, and which ones are better to have backed down. Compromise when necessary and when acceptable, and stick to your guns when the issue at hand matters most to you. Over time, what you care to fight for will change. 

4. Never — ever! — stop learning.

Some people believe learning ends with school, and that is just not true. You should continue to learn and grow through life. And this happens in all aspects—at work, in your home, in a relationship and more. Never let your craving for knowledge die. And don’t be afraid to learn from others, as they have gone through experiences you have not, which always brings new life lessons. 

5. Making a point of leaving your comfort zone.

While it can be easy and stress-free to stick to your normal activities, there is nothing like the feeling of doing something new and scary for the first time. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable brings the growth and change that keeps life exciting. And you’ll never know if you like something until you try it!

6. That rut you feel stuck in? It's up to you not to stay there.

Everyone has a bad day at work every once in a while, but if your bad days are outweighing the good, don’t force yourself to stay. If you are no longer feeling challenged, and you’ve lost that passion that brought you into the office every day to begin with, find that former passion elsewhere.

7. And lastly: you can’t please everyone.

This is a lesson you might have to remind yourself of frequently in life. It can be human nature to try to make everyone around you happier, but that is not possible. The most you can do is try your hardest, give your full effort to tasks and be nice to those with whom you interact. Everything else is beyond your control.

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