7 Qualities That Make Ceridian a Great Place for Women to Work

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Photo Courtesy of Ceridian.

Photo Courtesy of Ceridian.

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May 21, 2024 at 6:49PM UTC

At Ceridian, women can count on more than just their dream jobs — they can expect an environment that supports their well-being, too. From wellness programs that offer standing desks and balance ball chairs to continuing education programs that help them gain valuable knowledge and skills, employees can modify their work experiences to best meet their personal and professional needs. 

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Felicia Johnson, a Technology Content Writer who joined Ceridian in October, says she feels “fortunate to have found a job that inspires and motivates me daily at a company that truly ‘Makes Work Life Better.’” Check out the following seven reasons why women like Johnson love working here: 

1. The company’s flexibility.

Ceridian embraces a flexible work environment where everyone can bring their best selves to work every day. Their paid time off and work-from-home policies, as well as the Take Two program (which allows employees to take off two hours from work when they need to), makes it easy for employees to find harmony between their work and home lives. 

Johnson says: “Before I started at Ceridian, I was used to constraints like specific times to be at work with no working at home allowed. I’ve come to realize that strict structures that dictate when, where and how you work can make it harder to perform your job to the fullest. At Ceridian, I have the flexibility to work the hours that fit my schedule and I can work from home when it’s best for me. I feel that I’m able to focus on my job in a much better way that includes being more creative and motivated to do the best job that I can every day.”

2. The company values are central to everything they do.

Ceridian is constantly growing and innovating, which is evident in their everyday use of Dayforce, an enterprise HCM software created by the company. Ceridian also has a leadership team that listens and exemplifies Our Way — their core values which include transparency, optimism, diligence, agility and customer-focus — and work with employees to create an environment that “Makes Work Life Better” for their people and their customers. 

3. They offer wellness programs and resources.

“Live Well, Work Well” is Ceridian’s wellness program that supports the total well-being of their employees, consisting of five different pillars: physical, emotional, financial, career and social. In support of mental and physical wellness, treadmill workstations are installed at their offices so employees can schedule a time to walk while they work or take a break. Employees can also opt for balance ball chairs and standing work desks, or register for the fitness and finance webinars. 

4. Lifelong learning is encouraged — and rewarded.

Employees can continue their education at Ceridian by joining their career development program. Referred to as “career tracks,” employees can participate in the “Engage,” “Leadership,” “Technical/Professional” or “Explore” programs, allowing them to choose the one they feel best fits their unique career journey. 

Employees who pursue a professional certification or education program can enroll in the tuition reimbursement program which allots $2,000 per year, providing them with the chance to extend their learning outside of the workplace and bring that knowledge back to their teams. They can also enroll in scholarship programs at the company to help offset the high costs of post-secondary education for their dependent children. 

5. The work culture is diverse and inclusive. 

At Ceridian, employees treat one another with kindness and are always willing to lend a hand or provide expertise in every function of the organization. Johnson’s decision to work at Ceridian was based heavily on her search for a company that “truly valued diversity.” 

She elaborated, explaining how she’s “never worked for such a diverse organization” in all her years of working: “By diverse, I don’t just mean racially or ethnically (although that’s a given at Ceridian). I also mean the differences in backgrounds and age groups. From millennials to boomers, it’s so refreshing to work with such a broad range of people who I can talk to and learn from every day. It’s just one more way that Ceridian ‘makes work life better’ for me.”

6. There are also D&I groups you can join.

Ceridian offers several YOUnity groups, which build an inclusive environment where every employee and customer is valued, respected and supported. Groups include CeridianPRIDE, Ceridian Black Employee Network, Ceridian Women’s Network, Ceridian Hispanic & Latino Network, disABILITY@Ceridian, and the Ceridian Veteran & Military Network. There are also many awareness days and events throughout the year that are celebrated internally for employees to support each other and learn about various traditions around the globe.  

7. They’re invested in their employees and communities.

Caring for employees, customers and communities is at the heart of the company. Employees believe in “giving where we’re living” and give back through charitable donations during their annual employee giving campaign. Each location raises funds each year and 100% of it is donated to those in need in the local community. 

Employees are also welcome to participate in volunteer charity committees at each of their locations and each have a paid volunteer day to give back to a charity of their choice every year. Fun at Work, for example, is a fully funded program run by a volunteer committee at each location. Members encourage one another to get together and connect over fun activities, allowing to network in a fun and relaxing environment. 

Ultimately, the company’s investment in its employees is what makes it a great place to work. Johnson sums it best: “I love working at Ceridian because I’m treated as an adult who can make my own work life decisions and that enhances my work performance (ahhh, I see what you did there, Ceridian!).”


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