7 Signs You Might Want To Consider A Career In Financial Advising

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Erin Kelly via Bustle
Erin Kelly via Bustle
We all have that one person in our friend group who we turn to when it comes to big decisions. I know that in my case, whenever I need some financial advice — whether it’s how much to budget for holiday gifting, or if I should make a new investment — I ask my friend Lauryn for her two cents (pun intended). In between hiring a professional and bothering my very busy parents, it’s nice to have someone I trust to consult on important life decisions.
Similarly, if you’ve picked up on a trend that all of your friends seem to come to you with their burning financial questions, not only should you take it as a compliment (Hey, credible advice-giver!), but you may also want to take it as a sign that you should consider a career in financial advising. Seriously — professional financial advisors are regarded as some of the most reliable and responsible professionals out there, and financial advising is ranked third among 25 top business careers by U.S. News & World Report with excellent growth opportunities for the future. Curious to know more about whether this could be the professional move you've been looking for? 

If so, Bustle partnered with Fidelity to round up seven signs you might want to consider a career in financial advising, and we have a feeling you might see a familiar trait or two:

1. You're a people person.

Are you the kind of person who can't leave your home to run a simple errand without making a new friend? If so, then that ability to build connections with people already sets you off on a great foot in a potential new career. On a daily basis, financial advisors work with individuals to get to know them on a personal level in order to provide the best investment and financial opportunities for their individual needs — so if you’re an excellent communicator and listener, you’ve already mastered a vital skill.

2. You're trustworthy.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you’re regularly perceived as trustworthy and reliable — say, you’re the person friends call when they need important advice — it will be easier for current and future clients to comfortably put their financial matters into your hands. After all, it is a big deal for someone to let a third party influence their retirement fund, so having the ability to cultivate strong and productive relationships is a skill that will take you far in the financial field.

3. You're a planner.

If you're known to keep an organized calendar of your obligations, and you pride yourself in never missing a work deadline, then clearly you're already a master at managing your day-to-day. I don’t need to tell you that it pays to plan ahead when it comes to money matters, and as a financial planner, you’ll be learning about everything from your customer's basic needs to their lifelong dreams so you can help them build out a brighter future.

4. You want to make a difference.

Having the drive to impact people's lives in a positive way isn't something everyone can say they get to do for a living, and financial advisors are among the lucky few. By being an active part of your client's financial health, you’ll regularly be helping customers invest smartly, plan accordingly, and retire happily and comfortably — aka, giving them the fulfilling life they deserve.

5. You enjoy wearing different hats.

Financial advisors help customers with many different financial decisions, from retirement planning to estate management. If you’re the kind of person that gets excited by having multiple projects going on at once, the variety of financial advising will keep you on your toes — in a good way.

6. You enjoy sharing knowledge.

A vast knowledge of different investment strategies and opportunities is vital to being a financial advisor. What’s equally important, however, is the ability to share this knowledge with your clients in a digestible way that will ultimately be beneficial for them. Being passionate about sharing valuable information and mentoring others will help you craft an unsurpassed customer experience for your clients.

7. You value work-life balance.

As a financial advisor, you’ll have the opportunity to create a balance between your professional and personal life. Some financial companies like Fidelity are family-friendly, providing valuable perks essential to work-life balance like on-site health and wellness centers, and 16-week maternity leave, giving you the freedom you need to build a well-rounded, fulfilling life on your terms.
— Erin Kelly 
This was originally published on Bustle and was republished with permission.
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