5 Subtle Signs You’re Seen as a Highly Valuable Employee

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May 23, 2024 at 11:37AM UTC
We've all heard of star performers — but what are the signs you've reached star status? It's not always easy to tell. Effective company cultures reaffirm and include all employees, but also send their highly effective team members signs that they're performing beyond expectations. 
Are you a standout employee? Here are five signs that you're viewed as highly valuable by your colleagues. 

1. You're asked for your opinions.

If you're routinely given space to raise your voice, whether in a team meeting or in candid conversations with a manager, you're likely seen as a highly valuable employee. Being asked for your opinion is a sign that your insights are deemed worthy of weighing and amplifying — and that whoever is asking wants to make sure you feel heard so you keep putting your best work in. 

2. You're asked to represent the company. 

If you're asked to represent your company at an event, in special projects or in promotional materials, chances are you're seen as a highly valuable asset. Your colleagues trust you to put your best foot forward when you're repping your team — and they want to reaffirm how important you are to them by giving you extra opportunities or exposure. 

3. You're the first one your boss goes to. 

When your boss has a question or a problem that needs solving, do they come to you first? If so, you're likely a highly valued employee. If your manager is routinely bringing things to you, your insights are highly regarded and your skills are respected. You're known for getting the job done — even if that job is just having the right advice to share. 

4. You're in charge of your own projects. 

If you're given a lot of freedom when managing your work, you're likely seen as a highly valuable asset to your team. Highly valuable employees are respected for their ability to invent, prioritize and successfully execute responsibilities that make the company better. They perform best when they're given room and trust to grow. If your boss puts you in the "highly valuable" bucket, they likely see you this way and give you a lot of freedom in your work responsibilities. 

5. You get thoughtful feedback.  

If your colleagues are genuinely invested in improving your skills, it's because they see your value. Managers and teammates who see you as high value will take the time to give you the advice you need to continue stepping up your game. If your boss or senior colleagues spend time giving you constructive feedback — sometimes a lot of it and sometimes on softer skills like office politicking— it's a great sign that they see you as highly valuable. After all, they're just trying to tap more gold. 

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