7 Things Every Capricorn Must Do if They Don’t Want to Fail in Their Career

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It’s almost Capricorn season! Capricorns, born December 22 to January 19, are responsible and disciplined. They’re known to have amazing leadership skills, as well as serious self-control. But they can also be condescending, pessimistic, unforgiving and overconfident in their knowledge. 

While we all know and love a Capricorn (or, maybe you are one!), every sign has its flaws. We’re bringing you Capricorn-specific career tips so you can use your Cap attributions to your benefit — and learn to work with the flaws that may be causing you problems in the office.

1. Give yourself some “me” time during the day.

Capricorns can be moody, and can go through phases of disliking certain things or people. Obviously, this can be an issue in the workplace. But you can prevent your outbursts. Plan a walk around the block for the afternoon, or take a break to journal in your office. Treat yourself to a lunchtime yoga session or a phone call with a loved one. Give yourself a break from whatever is bothering you that day.

2. Try a little delegating.

While Capricorns are good at managing, they also tend to be know-it-alls. If you’re finding yourself extra stressed (especially with the holidays approaching), allow yourself to delegate. While it can be difficult to let go of some control, it’s necessary in order to stay sane. And it will show your employees you trust them. 

3. Listen to music at your desk.

Capricorns love music. And music is a known stress reliever! Add a little fun to your day and play some background music while at work. 

4. Maintain your traditions (and look forward to them!).

Capricorns value tradition over a lot of other aspects in life. This year, recognize that. And don’t let your work come between you and your traditions, especially those you have with your family. Make time for professionalism, but also make time to do those things you love doing every year. You'll be happier at work knowing you're working towards that family vacation, birthday celebration, or marathon you do every year. 

5. Be kind to yourself.

Caps can be really hard on themselves. They expect a lot out of their own work, as well as the work out the people around them. It’s great to hold yourself to high standards and push yourself to do the best you can do, but remember that the best you’re capable of doing isn’t always the best in general. And that’s OK!

6. Try something new.

Because you value tradition, you can sometimes get stuck in a rut. Ruts can be detrimental to making progress in the workplace. If you’re feeling you’ve been on the same schedule for a while now, switch it up. Try a new management tactic or test out a new approach to solving a problem. Don’t be afraid to step out of your workplace comfort zone

7. Be positive.

Pessimism can be one of the greatest flaws of Capricorns. This year, take control of the negativity and work to see the positive in all situations. Try out a gratitude journal. Every day, write down one positive thing in your life and something you’re thankful for. You'll be shocked how much better you'll feel.

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