7 Ways to Connect With Women in STEM (Without Having to Attend a Networking Event)

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April 23, 2024 at 7:7AM UTC
Being a woman in a male-dominated industry poses a variety of challenges; challenges that other women in your field can answer way better than your sister or your mom or your best friend who works in marketing. In these industries, building a support system of people who understand your struggles and triumphs is a crucial step to being successful. 
Finding this support system is sometimes easier said than done. In tech, women make up only about 20 percent of the workforce. With only pockets of people like you, where are you supposed to find contacts — especially without paying a fortune for an in-person event? 
For Women in STEM, finding your people in The FGB Community is easier than you might think. Here are 7 groups you should join if you’re  in technology or science, along with how they’ll help you connect with women who want to see you succeed. 

1. Women in STEM2D

This group for women in STEM, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, is a community of women who are focused on improving the workplace and helping other women in the STEM field. It encourages collaboration, open discussions on pressing issues in the STEM field that pertain to women, and networking for new careers and career advice.

2. Career Change Support for Women in Tech

Looking for a technology career? Join this group for resources and personalized career advice from Brooklyn-based career coach Meg Duffy. 

3. Retaining WIT

Want to learn more about the state of women in the tech industry? Looking to engage in meaningful discussion with women pushing boundaries in the field? Retaining WIT is the perfect place to follow and discuss the Retaining WIT podcast, which covers the challenges to keeping women in tech. 

4. Grace Hopper Celebration

Are you an early-career professional who's attended Grace Hopper in the past, or looking to attend in the future? Join the Grace Hopper Celebration group to connect with other attendees, learn more about special opportunities at the celebration and get advice. 

5. BrainStation

BrainStation is the global leader in digital skills training, focused on the data, design, marketing, product, and development disciplines. It hosts regular workshops and thought leadership events online and in person, in addition to offering training courses and programs. Join the group for more information on its events (plus discounts!) and advice about skilling. 

6. UX Entrepreneurs

Specifically interested in learning more about UX and connecting with women who are passionate about it? Join UX Entrepreneurs to learn from UX professionals with expertise in their career who are making moves to work on their own. 

7. Women in DevOps

If you're in DevOps or looking to pursue a career in this special segment of the industry, we've got the group for you! Women in DevOps connects women who love the work they do, and offers a place to ask for role-specific advice from women who know what they're talking about. 

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