7 Subtle Signs That You've Outgrown Your Job and It's Time to Move On

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Leah Thomas866
April 23, 2024 at 2:31AM UTC
Deciding when to leave your job can be tricky and confusing. A position you once enjoyed may not feel the same anymore. Your career goals could have changed. Your passions may have shifted. Maybe company leadership changes have altered your perception of the job you've had.
Regardless of the causes, it can be difficult to differentiate when you simply need a vacation versus when you need a whole new job.
We've outlined some of the warning signs you may experience when you are no longer happy at your company and need to move on.

1. You're too good at your job.

You can no longer improve your work performance. You've mastered your position -- completing tasks at a record fast pace and with little to no error. You no longer feel challenged. Tasks that once inspired you now leave you feeling bored. You've also stopped learning, and your superiors have stopped teaching. You're no longer excited about the work you are doing.

2. You see no opportunities for promotions.

You've worked your way as far up as your position will allow you to. Maybe you've been promoted several times, or maybe you have yet to be promoted at all. But there is no further promotion in line for you to set as a goal and work to achieve. With no way to be rewarded for hard work and improvement, this eliminates your drive and further derails your focus.

3. You're on autopilot.

You spend your workday doing the same tasks without actually thinking about what you are doing. You are so familiar with the work that needs to be done that it no longer requires any real brainpower or creative thinking. You feel as though you are simply working to get through the day.

4. Just thinking about your job makes you miserable.

If you go to bed dreading heading to work the following day and wake up feeling even worse, it is probably time for a change in your career. While no one should expect to be fully happy at work all day every day, you should spend more time enjoying your job than you do hating it. If you are dedicating at least 40 hours each week to this position, you shouldn't spend that entire time being miserable.

5. Your health declines.

Experiencing extreme unhappiness and stress can lead to both physical and mental health issues. You may experience extreme fatigue, moodiness, lack of hunger, or even stomach pains from simply being unhappy and feeling unfulfilled. 

6. The money isn't enough.

While you should not choose a career simply based on income, it can and should still be an influencing factor in your decision. If you've negotiated your pay to no avail, and you feel your position is not paying you the amount you deserve based on your hard work, effort, and influence on the company, you may consider leaving. You deserve to feel and know that your work is being honored in the right way and that you are an asset to the company.

7. Your passion lies elsewhere.

If you are looking into your future, and your perfectly crafted career goal does not include your current company, your current field, or your current position, it may be time to leave. As we age and grow as people, our interests and our passions change. If the topics you care about now differ from the topics you care about when you first took this position, that is okay. It's understandable and normal for you to change your career path as you follow your career goals and your ultimate passions in life.
This article was written by a FGB Contributor.

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