7 Ways You Can Tell if Someone is Toxic Within 5 Minutes of Meeting Them

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Leah Thomas866

We’ve all run into someone who’s toxic. 

Toxic people can be compared to bed bugs — they come into your life, suck your blood and seem nearly impossible to get rid of. So, when it comes to this type of people, it’s best to spot them and eliminate them as soon as possible. And we’re here to help!

We’ve outlined eight ways to spot a toxic person within minutes of meeting them — from observing their overwhelming negativity to recognizing their blatant selfishness in conversations. 

1. They only talk about themselves...

... and they never ask about you. A toxic person is selfish, especially when it comes to conversations and what they concern themselves with. If you feel as though you have spent the entire interaction listening to this person talk about herself, she is probably a toxic individual.

2. They are happy to speak poorly of other people.

If they’re talking negatively about other people in front of you, it’s likely they are also talking negatively about you in front of other people. No one wants to be around a person who is going to badmouth them as soon as they turn around. Toxic people bring negative energy, and having to worry if someone actually enjoys your company is something no one should have to stress over.

3. They won’t take “no” for an answer.

Toxic people demand that all things go their way at all times. And they don’t know how to properly handle a situation when it does not. For example, if you turn down their proposed idea or game plan, they will attempt to bully you into changing your mind. They may even mock your reasoning and try to get others to peer pressure you into going with their original idea.

4. They talk down to you.

Toxic people are condescending. They are self-centered and arrogant. They believe they always know what is best. They may try to patronize you or your ideas, goals, plans, and more. They are not supportive, especially if they sense competition between you — which leads us to the next sign:

5. They are overly competitive.

Enjoying friendly competition or being driven by it professionally is normal and understandable. But attempting to turn every interaction into a competition, and refusing to lose regardless of the stakes, is a trait of toxic people. 

6. They are divisive.

Those who are toxic may try to turn you against other people. They come off as the Regina George of the real world, looking to be everyone’s Queen Bee. They will take gossip-y badmouthing to the next level, working to convince you that another person was the one speaking badly about you. 

7. They are generally negative.

This type of person is consistently pessimistic. They somehow find the negative in every situation, and aren’t afraid to point it out. They are easily bored — and will tell you just that. And they aren’t afraid to go against the grain if everyone seems to enjoy something. 

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