8 Things Successful Couples Who Work a Lot Do to Keep Their Relationship Alive

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Having a successful career and a successful relationship can sometimes seem impossible, especially for those who work in particularly demanding fields.

When you regularly spend so much time and energy at the office, it may be hard to devote the same amount of either resource at home with your partner. If you've as a couple gotten into a work-first pattern to the point it feels like you're in a relationships with your jobs instead of each other, the following eight hacks can help restore some much-needed balance.

1. Make time for date nights.

Whether it’s cooking together at home or going to a movie, set aside at least one (non-negotiable!) night a week where the two of you can have time to yourselves and do something special. Date nights allow you to catch up after busy work-filled weeks and spend much-needed alone time together. 

2. Talk about each other’s day.

Even if you get home late from work and still have a million things to do, take the time to ask each other how the other’s day was. When you spend all day apart, hearing the details of your partner’s work day can help you to feel more apart of each other’s lives. 

3. Communicate your feelings regularly.

Regularly let your partner know how you are feeling. If you are missing a certain connection in your relationship or feel you need more alone time together, let them know. Be open and honest about what you need from the other person and set expectations for the future. 

4. Take interest in each other’s hobbies.

Try to take part in your partner’s favorite after-work activity. By showing interest you will make him/her feel appreciated and you will get to spend time together after your long days at work. This can involve an evening jog, a yoga class or another activity he/she enjoys. And they should do the same for you!

5. Find something to do each week together.

Maybe this means cleaning, reading a book together, watching a new series on Netflix, starting a garden in your backyard, etc. Try to find a new hobby you can both take part in together! You can look forward to this activity each week and view it as another date night. You can also use this time to catch up on each other’s weeks. 

6. Plan for the future.

Set apart time to discuss something you can both look forward to and plan together. Maybe this means a future vacation, a trip to see each other’s families, purchasing a vacation home and more! Having something to look forward to and plan together can keep you excited about the future.

7. Set goals together.

Set a goal you can plan for together. Whether it’s a move to a new city, redecorating the kitchen, or buying a house, the two of you can learn what it is like to set, work toward, and achieve a personal goal as a couple.

8. Make time for intimacy.

Arguably the most important piece of advice. Couples who make time for intimacy make sure their partner feels wanted, appreciated, and valued at all times. Even just holding hands can help a partner to feel loved, and intimacy can help bring the two of you closer together when busy work schedules make your lives feel completely separate. 


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