9 Gifts Every Working Mom Actually Wants For Mother's Day

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Flowers. Chocolate. Jewelry. 
Unless you excel in the art of creative gift-giving, your mom has more than likely received some variation of these three items on the second Sunday of May since, well, pretty much ever.
If your family’s queen bee is also a career woman, though, we have a feeling she’d get a lot more use out of one of the following gift ideas. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better (or other) time to get shopping than now. 

1. Luggage that's as smart as she is

Source: Calpak.com
Source: Calpak.com
For the working mom that travels, look no farther than Calpak Luggage to help her do it as efficiently (and stylishly) as possible. These lightweight, durable suitcases include four 360-degree double spinner wheels, an integrated TSA-approved combination lock, a spacious interior packing compartment, an interior zippered divider with a zippered mesh pocket and two elastic pockets, a buckled elastic tie down strap and cushioned top and side handles with a telescoping trolley.
And because they’re under $200, these suitcases are a bit of a splurge without going crazy.

2. A seriously stylin’ laptop case

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
What working woman wouldn’t love a beautiful laptop sleeve? Get the one above for under $25 here.

3. A little commute-friendly mindfulness

headspace app
 Source: Maridav/AdobeStock
Billed as “enlightenment on your iPhone” and “a gym membership for the mind,” Headspace is the runaway best-selling app created by Buddhist monk-turned-meditation teacher Andy Puddicombe. Since its release in 2012, more than 30 million subscribers have used the instructional app to find peace, reflection, and purpose on the go. Especially perfect for the working mom with a commute, you can give a gift subscription!

4. Some desktop empowerment

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
For moms who want to make sure everyone at the office knows who she is, this nameplate is sure to spark some confidence — and a smile.

5. Some quiet time.

Source: Bose
Source: Bose
Whether working from home or in the office, sometimes we just need to tune out the background noise so we can get the work done. Even if you don’t want to splurge for these headphones, there are tons of options that will do the noise-canceling trick.

6. A gourmet fix for her caffeine addiction

coffee subscription
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If the saying “but first: coffee” accurately sums up your mom, make her morning cup that much better with a first-rate coffee subscription from Blue Bottle Coffee. They ship their beans within 48 hours of roasting, and having them delivered to her door means one less item on the ol’ grocery list. There’s even a package for the espresso junkie, too. 

7. An electronics-friendly bath caddy

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
Do you have to beg mom to take time for herself and away from work? Compromise with a bath tray, like this one ($49.97). She can bring her tablet with her into the tub and wrap up those end of day emails before finally unplugging — which the suds and a glass of wine (resting in its own non-slip holder) will probably inspire her to do better than you could.

8. A bedtime story that celebrates working moms

bedtime story
Source: DeeMPhotography/AdobeStock
Being a working mom with young children certainly has its unique challenges. A sweet book to read at bedtime that helps young kids better understand and appreciate mom’s job is sure to please both parties. Try “My Mommy’s On a Business Trip” by Phaedra Cucina or “The Berenstain Bears and Mama’s New Job” by Stan Berenstain.

9. And, the ultimate gift of all — free time

free time
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Give her the gift of free time by allocating her responsibilities to others who are willing to take on some of the tasks. Companies like TaskRabbit or Fiverr (or even Craigslist!) connects users to freelancers who will complete a variety of chores, like cleaning, home repairs and furniture assembly. Hire one of them to take on mom's tasks and relieve her of some of her more mundane errands, or give her a gift card to use it when and for what she wants.

What gift are you giving this Mother’s Day? Share your answer in the comments to help other Fairygodboss members!