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Often charismatic and high-achieving, the Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging Myers-Briggs personality type is one of the rarest. Margaret Thatcher, Franklin D. Roosevelt, David Letterman, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin, Bill Gates, Quentin Tarantino, and Carl Sagan are thought to embody this personality type.

“The Chief,” as the ENTJ is known, is forceful, decisive, and motivated, making individuals with the personality type natural leaders in the workplace and beyond. While they are often friendly and outgoing, a more critical and dismissive side may emerge when things are not done “their” way.

What are the best ENTJ careers, and what else should you know about thriving at work with an ENTJ personality type? Here is your rundown. 

ENTJs in the Workplace

ENTJs are efficient, natural leaders. As such, they prefer positions where they can work hard and have influence over others and the organization to match their work ethic. They are decisive and will thrive in roles that allow them to exercise this strength. While they appreciate being able to work together with others toward a common goal, they will want to be the ones to make the ultimate decisions.

As Managers

ENTJs like leadership. Actually, they LOVE leadership. As managers, they will thrive in positions that allow them to create strategy, give direction, utilize the strengths of their team, and motivate others.

Often focused on the long-term goals and visions for their organizations, people with this personality type may be willing to listen to their team members and exercise democratic leadership. They have no problem welcoming the ideas of others, as long as it is understood that the ultimate responsibility and decision-making will rest on their shoulders.

Since Sensing is not an attribute of ENTJs, people of this MBTI type may often come across as overly blunt and insensitive. Employees who work for ENTJ managers should understand that they must complete exemplary work that fits in with the vision of their leaders, while those who produce sub-par work or attempt to follow another plan or course will certainly not be tolerated.

As Subordinates

Given their knack for and enjoyment of leadership, subordinate ENTJs may struggle. Still, ENTJ workers in the early stages of their careers can satisfy their hunger for high achievement by building their skill sets and volunteering to take on new responsibilities. Going above and beyond what is asked of them is the hallmark of ENTJs, so they will relish the opportunity to prove themselves, which should also help them move up in a hierarchical structure more quickly. 

On teams, ENTJs will not be shy about asserting their opinions and taking the lead on projects. They welcome constructive criticism, provided that it is specific and has clear directions. The ENTJ will appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate improvement. 

Best ENTJ Career Choices

Clearly, ENTJs will thrive best in environments that allow them to supervise others and lead the pack. Settings that allow them to engage in complex problem-solving and innovation are most suitable for this personality type.

Organizations that have structure and encourage a high standard of diligence and work will be best for ENTJs. Some of the most suitable careers for them include:

Project management

As diligent leaders, ENTJs will be organized and efficient in managing projects to completion.

• Business management and entrepreneurship

Since they are natural leaders, ENTJs thrive in roles that allow them to direct others and develop innovative ideas.

• Management consulting

This is an ideal role for an ENTJ because it allows her to exercise leadership and develop strategies, while imparting her wisdom to others.

• Sales

The persuasive, charismatic ENTJ will be thorough and productive in making sales—provided she is truly passionate about the organization for which she works.

• Healthcare

Given the efficiency ENTJs almost always exhibit, careers as a physician, pharmacist, surgeon, or dentist are suitable for the personality type.

• Engineering

The innovative spirit of the ENTJ, as well as eagerness to tackle complex problems, make many types of engineering ideal for this personality type.

• Teaching

ENTJs love imparting their knowledge and ideas to others, making teaching a viable career path for them. They will do especially well in higher education.

• Public speaking

ENTJs are engaging, authoritative, and personable. They will easily persuade and inspire others through public speaking.

• Law

Positions such as lawyers and judges allow ENTJs to exercise their expertise and command of others.

How to Find the Right Career for Your Type’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Networking will be the greatest weapon in an ENTJ’s toolbox. She should attend networking events, reach out to LinkedIn connections and other acquaintances, and make the most of her professional network in general. Given her charismatic, persuasive nature, she should have no problem forging connections with others and finding a satisfying career. In fact, ENTJs have one of the lowest rates of employment of all the MBTI personality types.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the ENTJ should be a stranger to job boards and job search websites. Most people find jobs through a combination of these methods.

The Worst Careers for the ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJs will have a difficult time taking orders from others in roles that do not afford them room for growth or the opportunity to take charge. Furthermore, ENTJs will feel stifled in organizations that lack direction or vision and require them to work under the direction of leaders they deem incompetent. Some of the worst ENTJ careers include:

• Social service and psychology

Social work, psychology, and related professions are not ideal for ENTJs because they tend to value opportunities to develop large-scale solutions, rather than working one-on-one with individuals. 

• Data entry and clerical work

The rote task of data entry is unlikely to satisfy the ENTJ’s need to innovate and create. Similarly, operating on under the rules and structure of others will frustrate this personality type.

• Childcare

ENTJs tend to have little patience, which can make working with children a difficult career path

• Nursing

The sensitivity required of nurses is not a strength of ENTJs. Furthermore, the repetition of tasks would grate on people with this personality type.

• Theology

ENTJs seek out careers that enable them to innovate and create. They would have difficulty in positions that depend on spirituality.

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