ENTP Careers: Find the Job That Fits Your Personality

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Leah Thomas866
April 14, 2024 at 9:18PM UTC

The Debater personality type includes the likes of Walt Disney, Ben Franklin, Sarah Silverman and Celine Dion. ENTPs are Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving. They get the majority of their energy from being around other people. ENTPs focus on feeling and ideas instead of facts. They use logic and reason, and they are spontaneous instead of planning out every detail of every day. 

ENTPs enjoy playing devil’s advocate. They embrace debate and almost thrive on it. Hallmarked by an outgoing demeanor, ENTPs  are also often known as visionaries with creative, innovative ideas. 

ENTPs in the workplace

ENTPs could be described as difficult in the workplace. They have high expectations for themselves and their ideas, and they do not do well with authority, as they believe themselves to be on the same level as all others in the office. And because they enjoy debate so much, they can cause issues in group projects or meetings. But, ENTPs are great to have around for their ideas and their impassioned pleas. You won’t see an ENTP giving a half-attempt at persuasion — if they have an idea, it is full-fledged and completely thought through. 

ENTPs are the idea generators, which is what can make them valuable employees. However, ENTPs also get easily frustrated when others do not share their ideas or opinions. They are incredibly honest — sometimes to a fault — and expect others to be the same.

As managers

ENTPs feel most comfortable in management and leadership positions within a company, as they prefer helping others find the best way to do something, rather than being told the best way. And because this personality type enjoys having freedom as an employee, ENTPs are known to give their workers the freedom they would desire in their positions. They are likely to give free reign to workers and hear ideas, choosing the best idea of all to implement as a manager.

Additionally, ENTPs do not care about being liked. They would prefer to be given respect, making them capable leaders. ENTPs can cause animosity, however, as they tend to put the team and the company over individual friendships and relationships. But this is one quality that has proven to be positive in leadership roles. 

As subordinates

ENTPs do not do well with strict oversight and guidelines in the workplace, making them complicated subordinates. They are not afraid to express this distaste, as well as any distaste they may have for the ideas of a manager or another employee. But ENTPs take criticism well. They are constantly looking to improve on themselves and their company, and if a manager offers a more promising solution, an ENTP isn’t afraid to admit the solution is better than the one she proposed herself. 

ENTPs do have an issue with starting at the bottom, which is a rite of passage in most professions. They do not want to perform menial labor — they want to immediately get to the point in their career where they are able to take on actual responsibility and receive legitimate assignments. 

Best ENTP career choices

This personality type must enter a career where they are given enough autonomy at the entry level. They must enter a field in which they can compete for the best idea, and one in which their ideas will be heard. In fact, ENTPs are more likely than all other personality types to be self-employed, and they are less likely than the other personality types to be a stay-at-home parent. For these reasons, the following career paths have been found to bring the most workplace success and happiness to those who are ENTPs:

1. Entrepreneur

As previously stated, ENTPs work best under their own management. As an entrepreneur, an ENTP is given the freedom to explore her own ideas and execute them as she best sees fit.

2. Attorney

ENTPs absolutely love to debate. And what better career for debating than being an attorney? A lot of ENTPs find themselves in law school as to pursue a career in a field that revolves around doing something they actually enjoy. 

3. Consultant

Consultants are hired to enter a company and improve their procedures, finances, overall dynamic, leadership skills and more. ENTPs can bring their innovative problem-solving solutions and love for management to consulting positions in order to help others achieve success.

4. Recruiter

ENTPs are extroverted, and in a recruiter position, they are able to use their people skills to find the best candidates for a position. Recruiter positions have a lot of autonomy, and recruiters are able to use their persuasive skills as well, both aspects that are appealing to ENTPs. 

5. Marketing manager

A marketing position would give an ENTP the opportunity to pitch her idea in competition with that of others. And the manager position would allow this personality type to choose the best idea amongst many, including their own. 

The worst careers for the ENTP personality type

ENTPs can be successful in all career types, but will bode better in some more than others. ENTPs must find a position that gives almost immediate responsibility and input, as she will not do well with being ignored and being given assistant-style tasks. ENTPs also should avoid above average stressful workplace environments that do not feel rewarding. The careers in which ENTPs would be better served to avoid, include:

1. Early childhood education

ENTPs do not have great patience, and they may become frustrated with a career that demands patience and selfless service. ENTPs enjoy knowing they are improving on themselves and that their own ideas are being heard and used, which is not easily found in a caretaking position. 

2. Dentist or optometrist

ENTPs must find a career where they can use their creativity and innovation and put it to the test. Fields like dentistry and optometry are too by-the-book for an ENTP, who would rather spend their time solving complex problems.

3. Assistant

This personality type would not be fulfilled in their job if they were forced to work in a strict guideline environment where they are consistently being told exactly what to do. 

How to find the right career for your type’s strengths and weaknesses 

ENTPs are intelligent and capable, but they must analyze their strengths and weaknesses in order to choose a career path that will bring them happiness. They must recognize that they do not enjoy being a subordinate, and they must find a career path where they can almost avoid this step, or expedite past it if possible.

A major weakness of ENTPs is their desire to debate regardless of the situation. Instead of viewing this as a serious weakness, an ENTP should search for a career path where debate is embraced. It is important to work with one’s personality “flaws” and use them to become successful.

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