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Technology skills are becoming ever more important in today's world, as more and more companies go fully remote. Not only will employees need to learn how to use various technologies to work in the modern landscape, but companies will need the technology to support a remote workforce. That's why technology professionals are hugely important these days.

IT, which stands for Information Technology, is a critical field. Most companies need IT professionals to help them with their softwares, hardwares, and databases. IT can be a very fulfilling and lucrative career. IT offers tons of opportunities, as it refers to any type of job that is related to computing technology. This includes networking, the use of hardware, the use of software, internet connectivity, and more. IT offers something for every type of techie out there.

While some people dive into the field with a degree, while others turn to online bootcamps to obtain IT skills. However you choose to go about your IT journey, here are 15 of the best IT jobs that you should explore.

The 15 Best Jobs in IT

Check out these 15 awesome IT jobs.

1. Applications Architect

An applications architect designs the main parts of applications for their clients. These parts include the user interfaces, the middleware, and the infrastructure. This is one of the highest-paying IT roles because it requires great technical skills
Average Annual Salary: $144,500

2. Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile applications developers develop mobile apps — all those apps you have on your phone in the App Store, for example.  These IT professionals have experience with coding mobile frameworks and mobile development languages. 
Average Annual Salary: $135,750

3. Database Manager

Database managers both maintain and support their clients' database environments. They help their clients use their data more strategically to bring business goals to fruition.
Average Annual Salary: $137,500

4. Information Systems Security Manager

Information systems security managers help keep clients' data systems safe and secure. They keep up with security trends and government regulations, and have impeccable problem-solving skills. They are often certified, too. For example, an information systems security manager may have be a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or CompTIA Security+.
Average Annual Salary: $149,000

5. Data Architect

Data architects play a critical roles for businesses in making strategic decisions. They translate business requirements into database solutions. They also oversee all the data storage, or data centers, and organize it.
Average Annual Salary: $145,500

6. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are both coders and engineers who work across the departments to boost productivity through the development and production of IT systems. They need to know many coding languages, softwares, and security systems to do their jobs well.
Average Annual Salary: $120,000

7. Data Security Analyst

Data security analysts work to ensure the security of clients' data through firewall administration, network protocols, and encryption technologies. The may be certified, as well, such as Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP).
Average Annual Salary: $134,000

8. Big Data Engineer

Big data engineers transform raw data into actionable information that helps companies set strategies, make decisions, innovate, and bring goals to fruition. They usually have both software and hardware skills and a degree in computer science.
Average Annual Salary: $166,500

9. Data Scientist

Data scientists use what they know about statistics and modeling to organize complex data. Knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, and R are often necessary to do their jobs well.
Average Annual Salary: $129,000

10. Enterprise Applications Architect

Enterprise applications architects design critical parts of applications, like user interfaces and infrastructures. They may also handle application updates and bug fixes so that they function better and can take on new capabilities as the applications develop.
Average Annual Salary: $130,975

11. Wireless Network Engineer

Wireless network engineers ensure that employees stay connected to their resources from their desks, offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, and other places. They are responsible for making sure that these connections stay secure, as well, through various standard, protocols, and best practices.
Average Annual Salary: $74,935

12. Software Developer

Software developers develop software that is used behind applications on various platforms. They have to make sure that the softwares work with the hardwares, so they have to have a wide variety of skillsets and broad knowledge. Software developers tend to have Bachelor degrees.
Average Annual Salary: $105,590

13. Senior Web Developer

Senior web developers manage teams of web developers who develop online platforms for the web. They have to create web-based applications, as well as ensure that their teams meet their clients' expectations and goals. While many web developers do have higher degrees, you really only need an associate's degree to obtain a job as a web developer. From there, you can climb up the ladder to become a senior web developer once you build up your experience.
Average Annual Salary: $99,492

14. Systems Administrator

Systems administrators maintain technical infrastructures, so, if software or hardware breaks, they are responsible for identifying what went wrong and fixing it. Systems administrators tend to have Bachelor degrees, though some of them have lesser degrees and take online classes to develop new skills.
Average Annual Salary: $83,510

15. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers are tech professionals who are experts in cloud hardware and software. They are in charge of executing, designing, upkeeping, and maintaining network and cloud services. So they need to have strong backgrounds in security, interfacing, server and network infrastructure, and more. They may get certified, such as with a  Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE designation. 
Average Annual Salary: $115,250

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