Approaching Financial Services Through Diversity and Inclusion

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Santander employees.

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May 18, 2024 at 10:6AM UTC

Empowerment is the name of the game at Santander. The global banking company began in Spain, and continues its mission to help people and businesses prosper worldwide. Santander believes that respecting customers and their money is the first step on that journey. It respects and values its employees as well, and wants them to succeed. Employees commend the global banking company on the support it provides, as well as the flexibility it offers and its equal treatment of all.

“Santander supports all women and all employees alike,” one employee said. “Throughout my tenure I have had the opportunity for promotion, meaningful work, making an impact and flexibility. There is truly nothing more I could ask for." 

Santander believes in helping team members with career development and growth. Managed through its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a top priority at the company. These alliances encourage employee opportunity, communication and support across the diverse groups of Santander. Santander also upholds a diverse and collaborative environment through networking and professional opportunities, with the company’s Women’s Employee Network Group and established mentorship opportunities. The Women’s Employee Network Group also collaborates with external organizations that share its values and purpose. That doesn’t go unnoticed by team members.

“Santander has made it a priority to offer opportunities to gain a variety of new experiences, flexibility for work/life balance as well as building a sense of community throughout their employee network groups. The recognition and promotion of women continues to increase,” says one employee. 

The company describes the promotion of diversity and inclusion as “a key way to transform our culture.” That’s why Santander fosters diverse teams — ones that encompass different profiles, genders, ethnicities, ages, beliefs, sexual orientations, education, physical and cognitive abilities, and more — that are inclusive of the company’s more than 17,000 employees. Santander truly believes that unique skills and diverse backgrounds strengthen the company. "We are very supported in the workplace,” one employee said. “The company is very diverse and inclusive when it comes to hiring women and minorities as a whole." 

Many members of the company emphasize that Santander makes a conscious effort to treat all employees equally. One employee said, "Team member value at Santander is determined by your contributions, not your sex.” Moreover, women are represented at all levels of the company and are compensated fairly for their work. "Pay is equal per position and ability to perform; your gender doesn't matter,” an employee said. “Women are looked at as equal, and we have many female leaders to look up to. Santander is an awesome place for women and men to grow in leadership or their career. " 

Another advantage of working at Santander is its many programs that help employees achieve work-life balance. The company has a Backup Dependent Care program through Bright Horizons that gives employees access to care services when there is any kind of disruption to their normal arrangements. Dependents of all ages may receive care in-home or at a care center from a qualified care providers. 

Parental leave is also available; New parents may take up to six weeks of paid leave to bond with newborns or newly adopted children. Additionally, birth mothers can take an additional eight weeks of paid time off as part of the Short-Term Disability program. If both parents work for Santander, each parent may take up to six weeks under the Parental Leave program. 

Employees also have access to a number of other programs and resources. Through United Healthcare, Santander’s medical benefits administrator, employees can take advantage of a maternity support program, fertility support program and benefits, and a health and wellness portal geared towards improved overall health. The physical offices also provide lactation facilities. The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account program enables employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for certain eligible expenses for their children ages 11 or under while the employee works or attends school.

The Employee Assistance Program, provided through Carebridge, allows employees to have up to six confidential counseling services to discuss concerns like childcare and parenting. Additionally, a pre-paid Legal Assistance Program provided by MetLife lets employees use legal services for purposes like drafting wills, guardianship arrangements and more. 

Team members at Santander recommend the company as an employer that believes in fair treatment and supports gender diversity. "I feel lucky to work with a team of all women who respect each other and value the skills and experience each brings to the table," one employee wrote. 

"There is a strong commitment towards empowering women and looking for opportunities to attract and develop talent,” another agreed. “Senior leaders often mentor or advocate for other women, and there are women at key spots in leadership across the country and the globe, including Ana Botin, Chairman of the Santander Group and one of the most powerful women in global banking."


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